Busy Spring, Anxiety Update

Last Wednesday was the beginning of Spring. Daylight Savings also happened the 10th and my body is still trying to adjust to it. I didn't think it would take this long. Since it was the beginning of Spring, I decided to treat myself with Starbucks. Nothing like getting myself over caffeinated and bouncing off the... Continue Reading →

An Uplifting

The last few days have been noticeably warmer. Overcast and dreary, but warmer so I'm not complaining. I'd personally rather have it be rainy and warm instead of sunny and freezing. So because of it being warmer I've been more productive and more happy overall. Even though this morning I slept in until 10:30 because... Continue Reading →

Winter Blues

I know I talk about the weather a lot, but it's something that has a huge impact on my mood and how I mentally deal with things. In the winter, I'm so much more lazy than in the summer. When the sun is out and it's warm I'm so productive and happy, while in the... Continue Reading →

Finally Feeling Like Spring

Hey guys. Welcome back. Its FINALLY starting to feel like spring. It's nice out, I can wear a shirt and even shorts. No massive coats, gloves and hats now! GOODBYE SEASONAL DEPRESSION SEE YA NEXT WINTER YOU WONT BE MISSED  If you don't have seasonal depression, you wouldn't understand how excited I am. To all... Continue Reading →

Waiting For Spring

Hey guys. Welcome back. So I'm pretty upset with Mother Nature right now. It's April 6th. It's officially been spring for I don't know how long. But guess what. It sure as hell doesn't feel like spring. It's been cold, windy, snowy, cloudy. April showers bring May flowers.  My grandma used to say that to... Continue Reading →

My Town Washed Away?!

April showers bring may flowers.... and a massive flood.  Over the weekend we got hit with a huge rainstorm. It poured for several hours. We got about 3 inches of rain in a day. Thanks Illinois. As most of you know, I live in Illinois. Nothing exciting ever happens here. So unless you love corn... Continue Reading →

Spring Motivation

Spring has to be one of the most motivational times of the year for me. I hate the winter because it's just too cold to go do anything fun outside so I'm stuck inside. During that time all I want to do is eat and sleep. I lose all motivation for everything... I feel like... Continue Reading →

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