Broken Trust

How do you learn to trust again? I saw a tweet the other day about this girl who didn't know how to trust again because her past relationship messed her up. I know that feeling all too well. It's been very hard for me to learn how to trust again. I feel like everybody is... Continue Reading →

I Promise

I promise to always pick you up when you're down. The only way you're going is up. I promise to hold you when you're sad. Your happiness is what matters most to me. I promise to love you when you feel like nobody else will. You deserve to feel loved every single day. I promise... Continue Reading →

Lifelines: Keigan

Hey guys. Welcome back. It's been a hot second since I did a lifeline. Actually, it's been a hot second since I posted anything. Whoops. Today, it's all about Keigan. He's definitely the funniest out of all my friends. A lot of people have told me that actually, which now I believe it even more.... Continue Reading →

Running Back to You

No matter where life takes us, No matter how many times we get separated, In the end, I'll always run back to you. The long nights we stayed up yelling, The countless fights we've had, Even when I ran away, I ran right back to you. When I'm with you I know I'm safe, I... Continue Reading →

Lifelines: Samm

Hey guys! Welcome back! This week, my lifeline is my "Kinda, sorta cousin, Samm." I'll get into why we call each other that in a minute. I've known Samm since I was in the 3rd grade. Well, probably younger, but that's the first memory I have of us. Our parents were pretty good friends. She... Continue Reading →

Lifelines: Carly

Hey guys! Welcome back 💙 I'm starting a new series on my blog. It's called Lifelines, as you can tell by the title. Each week, for no set period of time, I'm going to write about somebody close to me who has made a big impact on my life in a positive way. Somebody who... Continue Reading →


After every heartbreak, every bad ending, when one chapter ends, recovery follows. It's not always easy, nor is every step a step taken forward. It's all a process. You don't know how long it'll take, or how hard it will be. There will be good days and bad days. In life there are obstacles. I will... Continue Reading →

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