Christmas Walk | Day 3

Each year in this little town, there’s a Christmas walk. All the small businesses (Library, pharmacy, hardware store etc.) are open and you can go in there and get cookies and other sweets that I don’t need to be eating. Lord only knows I need more candy.

Of course, I was with my best friend Carly (Jimmy to some of you), and Andrew. We cause trouble everywhere we go.

Christmas walk.JPG

Christmas walk 2

We went to the firehouse and had soup. Her baby, Phoenyx slept the whole time. Carly decided to be a little festive and wear some reindeer antlers. She also had to ask me if Vixen was one of the reindeer. Yes Carly, Vixen is a reindeer.

There was a hay rack ride…. this happened.

Christmas walk 4


We’re all still children on the inside. No denying that.

Overall it was really fun. There was a fire so I wasn’t extremely cold. I saw a lot of my family and friends. After the Christmas walk I spent the night bowling (yes, I went bowling with a broken rib) with my best friends.


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Why Are You Allowed to Talk? Ep. 1

*This is going to be a series of conversations my friends and I have that make me laugh.*

Carly: This is Post Palone!

Me: Post mates?

Carly: Post Palone.

Me: Most Palone.


Me: I’m really getting into EDM lately.

Andrew: I don’t think I know who she is…

Me: Not she. Electronic Dance Music.


Nick: Well… theres a chance the baby could be either a boy or a girl.

Andrew: Oh really now? What else could it be?


Andrew: Knock knock.

Carly: Who’s there?

Andrew: Lettuce.

Carly: No.

Andrew: Oh come on!

Carly: F**king lettuce! I mean lettuce who…


Carly: *On the phone with her boyfriend* How’s the baby?

Andrew: Delicious.


Friend: *Prank calling a store* Hey, I just bought a Range Rover are you impressed?

Store lady: Ummm not really.


*Andrew, Carly and I driving around.*

Andrew: I’m Doug Dimadome owner of the Dimsdale Dimadome.


Thanks for reading this nonsense. I hope you found it as funny as I did 💙

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Wowzers. I can’t believe that in 5 short months of blogging I’ve gotten to know so many amazing people and read what they’ve had to say. At the same time I’m amazed that people want to listen to what I have to say. It’s truly amazing.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who read my blogs and who have gotten to know me on a personal level. It’s a blessing to be able to meet people all over the world who actually enjoy reading about my life since you know… I have no friends haha.

I remember when I started blogging I thought I would completely fail and nobody would care. So to all of you new bloggers, just know that there’s somebody out there who would love to read what you write and would love to meet you. I’ll be one of those people!

I know this post is short, but I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who has followed me in this journey. You’re all super amazing for putting up with my antics.  I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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August Flashback

This month completely flew by. It was the last month before school started for most people. The last full month before the leaves start changing colors and falling to the ground. Autumn will be starting soon and as I hate to see summer go, I’m excited for pumpkins, pretty leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and fall clothes. Also, the bugs go back to wherever the hell they came from. Hallelujah!

I’m going to go back and see what I did for the last full month of summer. Let’s get into it!

August 1st: First time going to Elevate, a trampoline park. 



August 2nd: Spent the day with Samm, John and one of my other friends. Samm and I caused John so much suffering from messing with his stuff he said he did’t want to be around us anymore.


August 5th: Brimfield’s Annual Car Show 

There were some pretty cool cars there. The food was the best part though 😂

August 10th: Old Settlers 


August 19th: I got my first kitten, Smokey J. 


P.S., I made my cat a Snapchat! It’s Smokey_J19 go add him!

August 21st: Eclipse 


August 28th: Timmy and Jimmy’s first sleepover! 


There you go! That’s a few of the big things I did in the last full month of summer. I had a really fun month filled with being around my friends and family who love and care about me. They all mean the world to me. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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Old Settlers

The second week of August comes around and everybody from Brimfield knows what that means… There’s going to be more than 30 people in Brimfield at once! A lot of you are from the city so you’re probably all thinking “You must live in the middle of nowhere”. Well that’s right! I live in the middle of nowhere. The town I live in has about 1,000 or less people living here. Small right?

Well, back to the topic of Old Settlers. That’s what the name of the carnival that comes to town once a year is called. There’s rides, food, and entertainment. They block off the highway that goes through town so you have to take a detour. Not a big deal this town is small. The carnival lasts from Thursday to Saturday, with a race and a parade Saturday.

Thursday it rained. Bummer. It stopped after about an hour though and all carried on as normal. It was the first day, so not many people were up there. I did get to see my favorite (girl) cousin, Devynn. She moved out of Illinois about a year or so ago and I don’t get to see her much. I’m so glad I got to see her Thursday.

This is the only normal picture we have together.

Friday there was definitely more people. I spent the night with Andrew, Carly, her boyfriend Taylor, and their baby Pheonyx. It was also Carly and I’s 6 year friend-aversary. So we had to spend it right by going on rides that made us feel like we were going to die. Like the swings.

5 idiots on swings

We told our boyfriends to pay attention for the picture. Andrew proceeded to turn around and yell at some kid, and Taylor decided to start flapping his arms like a bird….

The ride was fun… but we all felt extremely dizzy after..

On the plus side, I got a stuffed penguin!

Saturday, there was a 5K race at 8 in the morning. I don’t run in it, but some of my family members do, so my dad and I always go up there to see them. Everybody in my family can run except me… I’m the one who chose to do gymnastics instead. While everybody was running miles and miles, I was flipping on a trampoline.

Later that day there was a parade. I got some candy, ate the candy, got sick from eating the candy… you know how it goes. To make it all worse, I went on a ride that is high up in the air (I hate heights), goes in circles (I don’t like being dizzy), and went backwards (hell. no.). But on the bright side, I got a really cool picture.


The rest of the night was spent with Andrew, Carly, Taylor and Pheonyx again. We saw some old friends, new friends and family. It was a good night. By 11 I was passed out in Andrew’s truck. I slept through all of our friends talking/yelling and hanging out. Andrew woke me up at midnight to tell me it was time to go home. It was a very good weekend.

I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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Making New Friends!

When I made this blog, I had absolutely no idea that my writing would be read by people around the world. After that idea passed out of my mind, I had no idea that people on the other side of the world would want to read what I have to write, let alone want to get to know me. I was wrong… Again. 

I met this amazing girl who lives on the other side of the world. Now, before I get attacked by people yes I know the phrase “Be careful of people on the internet because you don’t know who they are.”  But I don’t think some creepy sex offender rapist person is going to have a blog and want to become a writer just to find children on a blog. (It’s probably possible but I know what I’m doing.) 

Anyways, this girl. She’s amazing. She lives in the UK, so she’s been teaching me about the culture and what she does over there. I tell her about what we do in the middle of America. Remember I live in a small town so I’m kinda boring. I don’t know what she finds so fascinating about my life haha.

We’ve opened up to each other a lot. We’ve told stories about our families, life drama and everything in between. Then I found out that we both have a few things in common. We’re both introverts who are slowly getting out of our shell, we agree on a few political views, and we both don’t like waking up in the morning.

Since she’s super awesome, I’m going to tell you all 10 facts about her, then leave a link to her blog. I want all of you to go read some of her posts and show some love! 💙 She really deserves it.

10 facts about her 

  1. She turns 19 in two weeks.
  2. When she was younger she had a pet gerbil named Sweep.
  3. She can play the clarinet, piano, flute and saxophone. (She’s talented!) 
  4. She has and older brother who is 20.
  5. She is a coeliac, so when she has gluten it makes her really sick.
  6. Her favorite historical figure is Herodotus.
  7. She writes poetry (She’s super good at it) 
  8. Her favorite book is Wuthering Heights.
  9. Her favorite sport is tennis (She says she’s terrible at sports but I doubt it!) 
  10. She was born with scoliosis, meaning her spine was curved and she had to have an operation to fix it when she was a baby, so she has a scar on her stomach and along her back.

She says she isn’t interesting, but I think otherwise. So EVERYBODY go check out her blog!

Life of an Introvert

She is one of the nicest girls I’ve ever met and she deserves soooo much! So everybody go show her some love! Leave a nice comment on something she’s written!

That’s all I have for today guys. See you all next time! I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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I Miss You

Sometimes I wonder if I miss you as a person or all the memories we’ve had together. 

I find myself asking that question a lot. Do I miss you? Do I just miss the memories? Or is it a combination? I honestly have no idea.

My first love, my best friend, my everything at one point in time. Two years of our lives spent together. Everything disappeared. The feelings faded away. Now it feels as if we’re strangers. Even sitting next to you feels like we’re a thousand miles apart.

A person I used to know every detail about, every little detail. I knew you and you knew me. We were inseparable. Staying up all night texting, getting lost in the conversation at 3 am.  The excitement I got hearing one of your favorite songs as my ringtone when my phone lit up with your name on it every few minutes.

As the sun came up we both went into a peaceful sleep, only to wake up six hours later. The texting resumed right where it left off. Making plans to hangout, cruising down country roads, listening to your favorite songs with the windows down. We could sit in silence enjoying each others presence without it being awkward.

Hanging out with our friends late at night, McDonald’s runs, and all the little jokes we shared. I wished the time we spent together would never end.

All good things come to an end. 

Now we’re practically strangers. We went from knowing everything to knowing nothing. Confiding our secrets in each other ceased. The adventures, the jokes, the late night texting conversations and the countless hours spent together are now just memories in my head. We talk sometimes, but it isn’t the same. We’ve changed.

We’ve been through our share of fights. Days turned into weeks without talking because we’re both too stubborn to apologize. It tore us apart. Our own stupid immature mistakes.

Someday I wish we can be close again like we used to. You’re a closed book now. I know deep in my heart nothing will be the same as it used to be between us. God has a path for the both of us. Only he knows if we’re meant to be in each others lives.

Lately I’ve been asked what my biggest regret in life is. I had trouble coming up with one but now I see its clear. My biggest regret is letting us become strangers. 

As I used to tell you every day, wether you’re in my life or not, I’ll still care about you. I’ll be here forever if you need your friend. I don’t know if you’re going to read this, but if you do, I have a message for you: I miss you.