February Recap

Hey guys! Welcome back! February was a weird month. Some pretty awful things happened, but some pretty great things happened as well, that made the awful things not so bad. Starting off February 1st, guess who was not only dumped, but cheated on?! This girl! What a great start to the month, right? Oh well,... Continue Reading →

Heat Wave!

Hey guys! It's 33 degrees today! (0 degrees for all you Celsius people). That's the highest it's been in quite awhile. Heat wave! It's pretty sunny right now. It's put me in a pretty good mood for the day. I've gotten a sudden burst of energy and I've been up and doing so much today.... Continue Reading →

Ice Skating Adventure

Hey guys! Welcome back! Over the weekend I went ice skating for the first time ever. I thought I was going to fall and break every bone in my body. I've been roller blading, but not ice skating. How different could they be? One is one slippery, cold ice while the other is in a... Continue Reading →

It Snowed… Finally

Hey guys! Welcome back. It's winter and extremely cold in Illinois. Last week it snowed like six inches the day before Christmas, so we had a white Christmas after all. Now it's in the negatives all the time and I don't like it. I like the snow, just not the cold. This is too cold.... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolutions

Hey guys, welcome back. Happy New Year! May this year be filled with great memories with some badass friends. Everybody is making New Year's Resolutions, and probably sticking to them. I can't stick to anything. So, today I'm going to talk about some resolutions that I won't be sticking to, but it's nice to think... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cookies

It's the week where I spend the most time in the kitchen. The week I look forward to every year. The week before Christmas: Cookie Baking week. My mom goes all out making Christmas cookies for my family... and Andrew. This year we made peanut butter, chocolate chip, pumpkin and sugar cookies. By we, I... Continue Reading →

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