Asking Friends to Describe Our Friendship

Where do I even start?

We’ve been friends for 6 years now. That’s 6 years we’ve managed not to kill each other. But that doesn’t mean we’ve had some near death experiences. There’s been a lot of those. Like the one time Carly was looking at her phone and was crossing the highway at the same time. She didn’t see a semi coming. At the last second I pulled her out of the road and saved her life. I’m awesome.

There’s been times she’s saved my life too. Like when I about backflipped off my trampoline and broke my neck. She grabbed me at the last second before I fell to my death. There’s also times we put both of our lives in danger. We’ve gotten pretty good at staying safe though.

You look baked.JPG

Some people say we have a pretty weird friendship. I’m going to ask some of our friends to describe our friendship in three words and see what they say. There goes what little self esteem I have left.

Andrew: Microwave, named, Eric. 

My mom: Caring, sharing, secrets. 

My dad: Not, too, bad. 

Carly’s boyfriend: Really, freakin, hilarious.

Sam: Timmy f*cking Jimmy. 

My brother: Let’s get spooky. 

Joey: I don’t know. 

Austen: Dumb and Dumber. 

John: Bat Sh*t Crazy. 

Samm: Crazy, fruity, coffee. 

Jordan: Caring, ridiculous, comical.

Friend: Crazy, wild, outgoing.

Alex: Really, f*cking, weird. 

Well, there you have it from our friends. They hate us sometimes. But they love us and they know it. 💙

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A Letter To My Old Bestfriend

Dear Old Bestfriend,

In high school, especially senior year, we were super close. We talked every day and every night. You would text me right when you woke up in the morning because I would already be awake.

We would meet at school in the mornings and go to our first hour class together. First semester we had almost every class together, but second semester we only had 2 classes a day together instead of all 4. We were pretty ticked about that.

During class we would always sit together. I would sit in front of you so you could hide your phone behind my back and not get caught. We would text each other during every class wether we had it together or not. You would think we would get tired of talking to each other all day, but we didn’t. There was always something (or somebody) to talk about.

Lunch would come around and we would sit across from each other as we always did. We were the closest two out of our friend group. Everybody knew that. At one point, people thought we were dating. It wasn’t true, but we let them think whatever they wanted to.

After school we would go home and send each other pictures of our homework (not cheating it’s called comparing answers). Then later that night we would hangout with everybody once again. The only thing to do in a small town. Then we would wake up the next day and do it all over again.

To be completely honest, I miss you. I miss all the memories we had (like biting a hole in my tongue when I was eating chips one night). We even had the same birthday! You used to text me at 7:07 a.m on my birthday to tell me happy birthday. You used to be so proud because you could remember the exact time I was born and nobody else could. But you know what? I’m still older!

I wish things were how they used to be, but at the same time I don’t. You’re happier now. I’m the same as I used to be. You have your new friends and I have my old friends. We still talk sometimes, but something is missing. I don’t really know what it is.

I hope you’re doing good. Maybe we’ll see each other again someday and everything will return to how it was, like a bad dream you’ve finally woken up from.

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Timmy & Jimmy’s First Sleepover!

That’s right! We’ve been friends for 6 years and we’ve never had a sleepover before! The two girls who have gone through everything together. Breakups, all nighters and tape worms yet we’ve never had a sleep over. I’ll tell you why. Our parents can’t deal with us at the same time. They’ve tried, but they just can’t. Apparently we “Stress them out and annoy them because we’re always too loud”. They just don’t understand how cool we are.


We’ve tried to have sleepovers before, when we were still in high school. One time we almost got to, but Jimmy got the stomach flu. One time we just stayed up all night on the phone and then Jimmy came over in the morning and we slept all afternoon. We pretended it was a sleepover haha.

So we finally had one! First we made spaghetti, which was pretty good. Then we wanted to make dessert. We didn’t have any cookie or brownie mix at my house, so we made Andrew go get some because he’s awesome. We ended up making some pretty bomb chocolate chip cookies. Timmy and Jimmy are bad at the baking game so it took awhile to figure it out. (Really… we can’t bake so we were really proud of ourselves). One time we tried to make sugar cookies, but it ended up becoming one big clump of cookie because we didn’t let them cool before putting them in some Tupperware. Another time we tried to make a chocolate cake… one of our friends came over and ended up cutting it like a pizza. Don’t even get me started on our cooking game…


While the cookies were baking we did some headstands…

We spent the next 3 hours on Snapchat, sending funny pictures to all of our friends. I’m surprised nobody blocked us 😂. It ended up with us laying on the floor not breathing because we were laughing so hard. By that time is was 1 in the morning and we had no intentions of going to sleep any time soon. So what do we do? Laugh at all of our stupid inside jokes and make fun of our friend. That’s right. We only have one friend.

Our Snapchat game is pretty strong if you ask me.

Lucas plays the flute, George Lopez or George Lopez, chili Mac, conundrums and the drone. We said so many stupid things that didn’t even make sense and still don’t. I swear we were so sleep deprived people would’ve thought we had been high off something if we would’ve went out in public. Thank god we didn’t haha.

In the end we fell asleep at about 4 and woke up at 8:30. Naps were included the next day. It was really fun to finally have my best friend stay the night. We didn’t die which makes everything even better! It only took 6 years but we did it! Hopefully there’s another one soon. I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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Timmy & Jimmy’s 6 year friend-aversary

Holy snickerdoodle guys! I can’t believe I’ve been friends with this girl for six years! We’ve been through so much together, did so much together, ate so much together… But we’ve been through it all. Breakups, coffee highs, random fits of laughter that get us yelled at by my parents. I don’t know how they dealt with us for 6 years… let alone what friends we have left.

In honor of it being 6 years with her I’m going to tell you about some funny things she’s done.

  1. Once she walked out in front of a semi that was coming down the road at 30 mph. I saved her life that day.
  2. She fell down my step. Not stairs. Just. One. Step. She couldn’t handle it haha.
  3. She named my microwave Eric and now every time she comes over she hugs my microwave.
  4. She put numbing paste in her mouth and proceeded to drool all over my floor.
  5. On multiple occasions she has laughed so hard she peed. It’s okay though so have I.
  6. She was holding a marshmallow out the window and dropped it while I was driving. She made me back up so she could pick it up.

She lightens my day at anytime. She never fails to make me laugh… plus she’s a pretty good body guard. She’s beaten up all my bullies multiple times. That’s probably why people don’t mess with me very much anymore.

Since it’s a very special day, we got each other presents. I’m going to share them with you.

What I got her: 

A bag of Lay’s barbecue flavored chips, two bags of gummy bears, a bacon and cheese pizza, a note, a Mountain Dew and some hair ties.

What Carly got me: 

10 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, 10 3 Musketeers, a can of Campbell’s Spaghetti, and a Pepsi.

Pepsi is not included in the picture.

We pretty much get each other little things. But food is always the best present haha. How many years have you had your best friend? I hope you all liked reading! 💙

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My Best Friend

Before I write this I just want to give her a HUGE congratulations on having her first baby! I’m so proud of her and how far she’s come. She’s going to be a great mother.

I have two close people in my life who I consider my best friend, but one person stands out more. One person who knows me better than I know myself. I swear she can read my mind and know how I feel before I even know. We’re not only best friends, we’re sisters. And telepathetic.

Oh lord where do I start…. well, we’ve known each other for about 6 years. That’s a long time dealing with each other Every. Single. Day. I don’t know how we haven’t killed each other yet… or died from all of the stupid things we’ve done. We’ve known each other since we were little. I think we were 5 when we first met at our Uncle Doc’s (we aren’t related we just call our dad’s friend Uncle because he was like an uncle to both of us).  So although we had first met then we didn’t become friends until the summer of freshman year because we went to different schools up until then. But when we did become friends all hell broke loose.

Here’s some of the memories we’ve had:

  1. I knew she was sad so I kept making these horrendous noises until she got so annoyed she started to yell at me then started laughing when I bounced my head off the window.
  2. She was on crutches once and I had never used crutches before so I tried them… I fell and bashed my face into my wall. (Probably why I’m so ugly)
  3. We tried to make cookies but they ended up turning into a giant ball of cookie… I still don’t know how we managed that one.
  4. We stayed up all night once and tried to function the next day but couldn’t stand up from a chair to save our lives.
  5. We were driving around and we both had our arms out the window and I caught a bird in my hand.
  6. Every time we hangout we drive by one of our friend’s house and honk because it makes him mad.
  7. We got mad at each other once and we both punched each other in the arm, then we tried to play it off like it didn’t hurt. We both turned around, grabbed our arms and gasped. We noticed we both did the same thing and laughed. Everybody thought we were crazy, which we are.
  8. We were walking around town and she was texting and almost walked out into the highway. I had to scream her name and pull her out of the highway before she got killed by a semi.
  9. Another time we were walking I stepped off a ledge when I wasn’t paying attention and thought I was stepping off a cliff. I proceeded to have a mental breakdown while she yelled at me in front of everybody.

Those are only a few of the stupid, dumb and dangerous things we’ve done together. We were probably the most annoying friend duo there was. We didn’t care though because we were having fun. We can never be mad at each other for more than 5 minutes because we had to gossip to each other. We’ve always had each others backs no matter what. She is the strongest girl I know. She can fight through anything that gets thrown at her and comes out even stronger. She’ll always be my best friend and I love her to death.

Tell me some memories you have with your best friend in the comments! 😃❤️

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