Bucks Go South, Raptors Go North

I had the Bucks set to win. They started off the series so strong, dominating the first two games in Milwaukee. Then, it all went downhill. In Toronto, the Bucks completely went South. Giannis couldn’t lead his team to a victory in any of the three games they played away. The Raptors won four games in a row to win the series and advance to play the Warriors.

In my opinion, if the Bucks were to go forward and advance to play the Warriors, they would get annihilated whether the Warriors had Durant or not. Which I have heard that he might be sitting out still during the beginning of the series against the Raptors. I’m not too sure if he’s going to make a return to the playoffs. I hope he does, but at this point only time and how he is healing up will tell.

Last night, the Bucks started off strong. Leading by over ten points for quite a bit of the first, second and third quarters. Kawhi Leonard, one of the best players for the Raptors, was looking really worn out and tired in the third quarter. His team was dragging too. Both teams were having trouble scoring. He either needed to step up, or somebody else would have to do it. Then out of nowhere, Kawhi came to life again in the fourth and led his team to a well deserved victory. Drake, who is a super-fan as well as a rapper, had been sitting on the sidelines next to the team every home game of the series. He was ecstatic. Watching his antics during the games have been pretty funny. I want to see how he’s going to act during the finals against the Warriors. Last night, he was wearing a hoodie that said “Kawhi me a river”, on the back. Clever Drake.

During the fourth quarter, the Bucks fell apart, then they would come back within a few points, then fall back down. It was like watching a toddler who is just learning to walk. They fall, get up and take a few steps, then fall back down, get up again, take a few steps, then fall once again.

The fouls were crazy during the game. Once again, Giannis couldn’t make all of his free throws which could’ve helped immensely when they were only down by a few points at times. Many players on both teams got into foul trouble. Both teams played hard and good, but the Raptors played better defensively. When it came to guarding Giannis, the Raptors were on that, having two to three people on him, creating a wall so he couldn’t score.

In the end, as much as I wanted the Bucks to win, I think the Raptors have a better chance of stopping the Warriors. I couldn’t see Giannis defeating the Warriors. Not this year at least, maybe his time will come in the future. I’m excited to see the championship series and I hope Durant is able to come back and make things interesting.

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