Warriors 4-0 Series

Is the title that shocking to see though? Absolutely not.

Hello everybody! Yes, the Warriors have won yet another conference final series and they are going to the championship series. If I didn’t have them winning in my bracket, I would be upset. Now, this is where I part ways with them. I’m hoping for the Bucks to come out on top of this series with the Raptors and go on to beat the Warriors in the championship series. Is that going to happen? I have no idea. It’s a long stretch and lots of hope, but the Bucks are due.

The Warriors sky rocketed through this series, not giving the Trail Blazers a chance. The game yesterday was the closest, where it went into overtime and the Trail Blazers almost got a win, but the Warriors made it clear that wasn’t going to happen. The Trail Blazers put up a good fight though, so props to them. It’s hard to go up a team like the Warriors.

The Bucks on the other hand, they’re having a bit of trouble in this series. In the first two games where they played at home, they did super good. Winning by about 20 in the second game on Friday. The first game was equally as interesting, but the Raptors still came out with a loss. Going to Toronto, I did have high hopes that the Bucks would play strongly on the road, but tonight, Tuesday night, it’s all Raptors.

Sunday night Giannis wasn’t playing good. He fouled out in overtime and that’s when the Bucks lost it. He was pretty angry that he lost and was determined to have a response to his loss. Tonight, he started off strong. The game has been overall close so far. It’s halftime now and the beginning of the game started off great for both teams. Every time the Bucks scored, the Raptors would have a direct comeback. Although they have been fouling quite a bit more than they normally do. Ball handling needs to be a bit more under control for both teams as well. At times, it looks like they’re all over the place which leads to turn overs and neither team needs that. Half time is about over now, so I’ll update you on the rest of the game after.

The third quarter was a wreck. This is when everything starts to fall apart. At the beginning of the fourth quarter the score was 81-94. The lead keeps getting farther and farther away. Most definitely not looking good for the Bucks at all. In the fourth quarter it got even worse. I had given up hope for the game. The Bucks have really been struggling with making their free throws, which is only adding to the problem. Giannis hasn’t done very well at all from the line. Each time he air balled a free throw it really fired up the Raptor crowd, especially Drake.

This means the Bucks are going to have to come back in Milwaukee and be on their game to win both games. I think they’ll do immensely better at their home court. It seems as if they’re choking under pressure.

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