Big Announcement!

Aside from writing about basketball, I have been working super hard on something with my partner. Today, right now, we have started a Youtube channel called “Mysteries of the Past and Present.” It’s a channel where we research conspiracies and talk about all things paranormal. We go on adventures, interview people, and do so many interesting things. As many of you know, paranormal and conspiracies are some of my favorite things in this world so this means a lot to me.

The channel is going to be linked down below, and on Tuesdays when we post, I will put a link to the video on this blog. You can also follow our social media pages we have set up for our channel and get even more behind the scenes action and fun.

I hope you all like, subscribe and share with your friends!

YouTube Channel: Mysteries of the Past and Present

Channel’s Social Media

Twitter Page:

Instagram Page:

Facebook Page:

Business Email: *Business inquiries only*


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