Warriors with Win 3

Tonight is Game 3 for the Warriors and the Trail Blazers. So far it’s been a pretty not so good game for the Warriors. They’re in Portland, without Durant and it seems like they just aren’t playing to the best of their abilities at the moment. We’ll get back to that in a second though. Right now, let’s talk about the first two games.

The Warriors and Bucks both won their first game, along with the second. The Bucks, who I want to win overall, almost lost their first game. In the fourth quarter, they made a huge comeback and won by about 8. Then in their game last night, they came out on top with flying colors. They were never trailing the Raptors. Always ahead. In the first two minutes of the game it was 6-0. The rest was history. Giannis is a force to be reckoned with.

The Warriors are also up 2-0 at the moment. They won their first game 94-116. The second game they won 114-111. That one was a pretty close game. They managed to pull out a win though. This game, I’m not too sure. They are winning right now with the score being 92-100 but there’s still 4 minutes left of the game so who knows what is going to happen.

On a side note, I’ve been loving the Curry brothers playing against each other. I bet their parents have such a hard time cheering for both teams when one brother will come out victorious while the other will have to take a loss. It must be hard at times, but they seem to be managing it pretty well. I don’t even know what I would do if I was in that position.

With about a minute left, the Warriors are up 106-95. The Trail Blazer’s looks of winning are starting to fade away. The game isn’t over until it’s over though. We’ve all learned that at one time or another. I don’t see the Blazers winning this series, even without Durant out. There’s still no date on when he’s set to return yet, if he returns at all. Who knows what the future holds.

The Warriors have officially won. I highly doubt the Blazers are going to make a comeback in this series. In the end, I see it being the Warriors and the Bucks.

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  1. Nice post! As usual.

    Warriors got this one.
    #WeTheNorth vs. #FearTheDeer.
    First things first – Go Raptors! I am Canadian and we don’t exactly have a big choice of teams to cheer for. Game 1 loss was unfortunate. Game 2 was embarrassing. But, I think they still have a chance. Every Bucks player was great, especially in game 2. Almost all Toronto players sucked. This will change. Raptors were great at home during the season. Having said that, I can also see Raptors losing both at home.
    No matter what happens, there will always be that game 7 buzzard beater.

    1. Many thanks for the comment and nice words!
      I do think it’ll end up being Warriors and Bucks. My favorite team is the Lakers but as we all know they fell short this season. Next season I have high hopes though. I still filled out a bracket and it’s nearly perfect so it’s given me a reason to watch the playoffs and have some excitement in me haha. We’ll have to see how the finals go!

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