Durant Goes Out

Alright. This week was crazy. First Durant gets hurt in a really important game against the Rockets. Who knows when he’s going to return. Then the Nuggets and Raptors, both teams who I want to win, go to game seven. How stressful. But we’ll talk about that in a minute.

Back to the Warriors & Rockets. The Warriors were doing pretty good as always. I had no doubt they would win against the Rockets. The series was 2-2 Warriors looking up. Everything was going perfect until Durant went down. That was terrifying, mainly because everybody thought it was an Achilles related injury. If you don’t know how badly impacted that is to a career, it’s bad. He could’ve been out for the rest of the season, all off season and possibly even the beginning of next season. Hell it might’ve even ended his career since he’s an older player.

He went back to the locker room limping. It was a really apprehensive rest of the game, but he was able to walk off the court with his own power, that was a good sign. The Warriors had a decent lead, which quickly dissipated with no Durant. The rest of the team definitely stepped up, well.. they needed to if they wanted to win. The lead was cut to one point and at that moment I had low hopes of the Warriors winning. Silly me I ended up falling asleep during the fourth quarter. I woke up around 3 and saw the Warriors came out with a win. I got a peaceful sleep after knowing they pulled out a big win.

The next day I heard it was only a calf strain. I think they said it was mild, but he would still be sitting out for the rest of the series. He is to be reevaluated in a week to see if he’s good enough to play. Freak out time. So much could go wrong with Durant not being in. All the odds were going to be against them. Playing at Houston, no Durant, Harden and Paul being on their game. There was no doubt in my mind that there would be a game seven in the works.

Friday night was the big game. I watched every single second of it. At first I was extremely concerned. Curry didn’t score one single point in the entire first half. Not like him at all. You could tell the Warriors were really feeling their lead player being absent. He didn’t even travel to Houston with the team. The Rockets had a huge advantage. At the half it was tied 57-57. Nerves were high.

During the second half it was Curry’s time to shine. He came to life and scored over 22 points. The rest of the team started to feed off his energy and stepped up. The Warriors ended up taking the game 118-113. The next morning, all the sports announcers and commentators were saying Harden didn’t play to his best abilities which led them to an early end of the season. My team won though. I’m happy. Not complaining over here.

The Nuggets and Trail Blazers’ game just ended so I’m writing this up before I forget what happened. This series went all the way to game seven. I only watched the second half of the game because I was out. I heard that the Nuggets did have a lead of 17 points at one moment in the game when I wasn’t watching. When I started to watch, that didn’t last. The Trail Blazers quickly cut the lead to one point. Next thing I knew, they were ahead by five. In the fourth, the Nuggets managed to come back and tie the game. After that it was neck and neck. The Trail Blazers ended up winning 96-100. I’m pretty upset but we still have the Raptors to look forward to. Along with the Nuggets, the Raptors are in game seven of the series. I’m hoping for a win.

3 Hours Later… 

I’m blown away at this game. The Raptors were on their game tonight as well as the 76ers. It was a close game throughout all four quarters. I don’t think either team reached a lead of 10. Most of the time it was back and forth, neck and neck. Especially when it came down to the final seconds. Kawhi Leonard won the game for the Raptors with a game winning buzzer beater three point shot that had everybody stunned. It was tied 90-90 for the last four seconds. The Raptors inbounded the ball on their half of the court and leave it to Leonard to win the game. I thought for sure it was going to go into overtime. Leonard shot the ball, it bounced up on the rim and everybody was filled with silence, thinking we were about to go into overtime. Miraculously, the ball bounced on the rim again, and again, and went in. Screams filled the air and the Raptors are now going to the Conference Finals, where they will play the Bucks. I personally want the Bucks to win, but with Leonard doing these kind of things, who knows what’s possible.

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