My dear friend,

It’s okay to feel the way you do.
It happens to the best of us.
Nobody is perfect.
I want you to know you can’t help everybody.
Nobody is capable of that.
It’s okay to be selfish and take care of yourself sometimes.
Even you need time for yourself.
You need to stay mentally healthy.

I used to be the same way.
I would put everybody, even people who didn’t deserve it, before myself.
I regret it.
Eventually, I got burnt out.
My mind flooded and I could no longer think straight.
I was beyond mentally exhausted and I snapped.
I went off the grid for a month to find myself.
I came back stronger than ever and I learned my worth.

Each day we talk, I can tell you’re a little more tired than before.
You seem confused, and even a little lost.
You try to make sense of everything but it’s getting harder.
You’re like me, you put everybody before yourself.
There’s nothing wrong with that, it only means you have a good heart.
But even good hearts need time to rest.
So please don’t bring yourself down because of it.
There’s not many people like you left in this world.

It’s okay to put your phone down.
It’s okay to be selfish and say no.
It’s okay to work on your mental heath.
Don’t let people get their way with you.
Go out and do things you love doing.
You don’t always have to say yes.
If they get mad, they weren’t true to you in the first place.
You don’t need them.
You’ll find true people who are meant to live life with you.
Take some time for yourself.
I know you need it.
It’s time to relax and you’ll feel so much better.
I promise.

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