Round 1 Recap: I Still Hate Him

The first round of the basketball playoffs has come and gone. The second round has begun. I haven’t posted in awhile so let’s recap who I had in my bracket since even I forget.

Western Conference: 

Warriors vs. Clippers  

Rockets vs. Jazz 

Thunder vs. Trail Blazers 

Nuggets vs. Spurs

Eastern Conference: 

Bucks vs. Pistons

Celtics vs. Pacers

76ers vs. Nets

Raptors vs. Magic

In my bracket I had the Warriors, Rockets, Thunder, Nuggets, Bucks, Celtics, 76ers, and Raptors winning. I did pretty good for the first round. All of my teams made it through except the Thunder. The Nuggets and Spurs went to a game 7 so that made me pretty nervous and had me thinking that another team that I picked wouldn’t make it.

The Warriors and Bucks made it through with flying colors. So did the Celtics. But is anybody really surprised about the Warriors making it through? Absolutely not. Both the  Bucks and Celtics won all four games in a row. That made Matt pretty upset because he’s a Pacers fan… he wasn’t too happy with me for awhile after every game. Did I only pick the Celtics out of spite towards him? Yes. Was it the right choice? Yes.

Everybody else was so so. Not my favorite teams but I still hoped for them to win. My attention was mainly on the Warriors, Rockets, Bucks and Celtics. I still can’t believe that the Clippers made a 31 point comeback and won in a game against the Warriors. That had Kevin Durant stunned. Me too though and probably everybody else watching. You could tell Durant didn’t like that because the next game he blew their doors off. Serves them right.

In the end I’m happy. It’s tense. But it’s fun. I still hate Durant but I have to hope he wins. I can’t wait until this is over so I can go back to hating him entirely. Then everything will go back to normal.

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