An Uplifting

The last few days have been noticeably warmer. Overcast and dreary, but warmer so I’m not complaining. I’d personally rather have it be rainy and warm instead of sunny and freezing. So because of it being warmer I’ve been more productive and more happy overall. Even though this morning I slept in until 10:30 because I stayed up late watching My 600LB Life. I don’t know I was bored and I love TLC. Does anybody else find themselves up late at night watching the most random thing on TV or YouTube. I used to fall down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories at 3 in the morning, making me question life.

Today was the warmest day we’ve had so far with it being 61 degrees when I woke up. The sun was actually out. To me, it looked like a beautiful spring morning. Low and behold it didn’t last long. By 11:30 it got really windy, as we were supposed to be getting winds all day up to 50mph. Frightening. That’s when all the clouds started coming in, making everything look ominous. It started to rain and get really windy. A garbage can started blowing down the road. Thankfully, there wasn’t any garbage in it or that would’ve been a bad day or everybody on my street. When I came home there were Amren trucks everywhere so I thought the power had been going out but my dad said it didn’t. So what they were doing I don’t know. I’m glad the power stayed on through these winds though.

It stayed cloudy and rainy all day. I had to walk about a half mile in the wind and almost blew over. I wouldn’t do it again even if I had to. At least it wasn’t freezing. Gotta keep a positive attitude to make it to spring. I’ve been trying to do that lately, but some people have really been testing me and my patience. I’ve been trying to keep my bad attitude to a minimum but one day and one day soon somebody is going to grind my gears the wrong way and I’m going to lose it. Other than that I didn’t mind it being cloudy. Maybe a little less windy because I don’t weigh much and I don’t feel like blowing away anytime soon. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be cooler I believe with the high being in the high 40’s or low 50’s. I think it’s supposed to be sunny though so that’ll be nice. Until next time…

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