Meet Hermy the Hermit Crab

I don’t like things with pinchers. I don’t like things that look like they want to destroy me. Hermit crabs terrify me. I don’t know why. Pinchers? Maybe. The shell? It’s a possibility. My lack of brain cells? Definitely.

A few days ago, Matt had the bright idea of getting a hermit crab even though I told him no. Look where we are now. I tried overcoming my fear of things with shells by touching the shell. It scared me. I tried to touch it’s leg. It scared me again. Matt tried to put him in my hand, I almost cried. Yet, I’m the kind of person who will play around with my kitty and get all scratched up and bit, but I won’t let a hermit crab touch me. Man, I really have issues. Animals like that just make me feel weird. I really don’t know how to explain it. Uncomfortable maybe?


I asked Matt if I could have a shell as a home and he said no. I noticed how when I scared Hermy with my annoying ass voice he would go into his shell and hide. I kinda want to hide from life by going into a shell. That would be cool to be able to hide just by crawling into something on your back. But, I already have the back pain of a 70 year old, so it might not be the best idea after all. Someday. For now, enjoy these pictures of our new pet.

Now, look at how cute my baby Smokey is.


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