The Downfall of Lebron

If anybody knows me, you’d know I love basketball. Not just basketball, the NBA. Every single night you’ll find me watching basketball games in my room with my cat. The ultimate form of being lonely. Since it’s been so cold and it gets dark way too early there’s nothing else for me to do. It keeps me entertained for the most part. I’m obsessed with it and now that it’s nearing the end of the season, I’m going to be even more crazy over it and undoubtedly make bets I know I shouldn’t and end up losing all my money. I still owe James $20 that he probably won’t get for awhile that we made during football season. Sorry man. March madness is just beginning.

Even though the playoffs don’t really start until the beginning of April, the season is still winding down. My favorite team, the Lakers, have officially blown it and pissed me off. Technically, mathematically speaking they aren’t out of it, but mentally it seems like they’re clocked out for the season. It’s Lebron’s first year with the Lakers and you can easily tell they’re still learning how to play and work together as a team. This is going to be Lebron’s first time not being in the playoffs since all the other players were young unless a miracle somehow happens, but I don’t think Lebron will get lucky this year. Who knew going to the Western Conference would be such a big flop to him. I mean, he was out for quite a few games, 17 to be exact. The most he’s ever missed in a season and that could potentially be a reason as to why their playoff picture is slim to none. They couldn’t even win to the Sun’s. Oh well, at least I’m not a Bull’s fan… even though they’re playing the 76er’s right now and they’re most likely going to win. I’m shocked at that. Update: they did win, 107-108.

On a different note, if the Golden State Warriors win I’m going to be a new level of livid I won’t be able to fathom because everybody knows, I absolutely can’t stand Kevin Durant. Yes, he’s a good player. Yes, he’s playing for one of the best teams in the NBA. Yes, he’s an All-Star. Yes, they’re probably going to win this year. No, I still don’t like him. I don’t want him winning. I loathe him so much that my friends make a joke out of it. Yesterday, James and I were guessing who each other wants to win this year. He said he wants the Raptors to win. I said I wanted anybody but Kevin Durant to win. I’m going to explode if they end up winning. Although last night I watched him lose to the Celtics and I was a happy camper in the morning. I was expecting the Warriors to win, but the Celtics have been doing good lately, except when they got annihilated by the Rockets last Sunday. Kyrie Irving is something else.


I’ve never talked about my love for basketball before on here, or any sport for that matter, because I’ve always assumed it’s something nobody cares to hear about from me and it’ll probably be that way. There’s gotta be SOME people who like reading this stuff so if there’s one person reading this who is ever so slightly entertained, please don’t hesitate to comment!

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