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It’s the first of March. I love March. Everything starts to thaw out from the winter, the days start to get longer, the first glimpses of spring start to show and my heart feels warm.

Today it’s sunny. The sun lighting everything up makes me happy. I was more productive today than I have been most of the winter. It makes me want to go out and do things. But guess what? IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE. I know you won’t find 70 degree weather in March, but I checked the weather this morning, and we’re supposed to get a cold front that could bring in RECORD LOWS. I don’t like that. Even the thought of that ticks me off.   It’s also supposed to snow this weekend. Not much, but enough to really make me mad. 1 or 2 inches is a possibility. If we get anymore, I might just explode.

Sunday the low is NEGATIVE 4. Next week the high is going to range from 16 to 35 degrees. Ugh. Right now it’s 38 but it feels like 43. I’ve had enough of winter. We had a really mild December, so I guess we’re making up for it now in March which really grinds my gears. Hopefully after this cold front everything starts to warm up because my inner nature lover wants to come out and go for a walk.

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