Tis the Season for Sports



The two sports I’m obsessed with in the winter. The two things that occupy me at night. I fall asleep watching the Lakers and wake up to Sports Center in the morning. The Lakers are my favorite NBA team. The Seahawks are my favorite NFL team. My dad likes the Bears and he gets really mad whenever I talk about the Seahawks. He doesn’t really like NBA but he likes college basketball. I on the other hand, don’t care about college basketball unless it’s around March Madness time. Even then I don’t really care. I just look at the standings. I’ve always wanted to go to a Fighting Illini college basketball game down in Champaign though. Each year I tell myself I’m going to, then I never do. I’m really lazy. Maybe this will be the year. Well, technically next year because this year is almost over. It’s crazy to think that this year is just about over. I’m ready for a new start.

Anyway, back to sports. I love them. There’s always something to watch. The only reason I like Sundays now is to watch football and nap. I love coming home at night and watching basketball until I fall asleep. I’ve been rooting for the downfall of the Golden State Warriors. I want the Lakers the be in first. Matt likes the Pacers and the Lions/Colts. We always argue over who the better teams are. Matt doesn’t even like watching sports that much so I don’t know why he cares so much. He’s really competitive so anything he can win at, he will.

The Lakers and the Pacers have been pretty much tied lately and it makes Matt angry. The Lions are already out I’m pretty sure. The Seahawks are in the wild card. Maybe they’ll make it. Maybe they won’t. Their defense is pretty good but they need to step it up just a tad.

At least I’m entertained.

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