If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you my hair travels with them. Matt’s and Austen’s cars are full of my hair. They’re absolutely everywhere. Carly will go home and her babies will have my hair all over them. I shed like a cat. It’s not little hairs here and there, it’s hairs like 2 feet long following them wherever they go. It gets especially bad in the winter. There’s always my hairs floating around. My mom pulls loose hairs off my legs and arms everyday. All my friends will have my hair stuck to their clothes.

Carly tagged me in a Facebook post once that said something like “I could never commit a crime because my hair would be left everywhere.” She’s completely right about that. It’s like I leave my mark. I claim what’s mine. Awhile ago Austen was cleaning out his truck and he said the amount of hair he found was too insane. My dad hates it because whenever anybody vacuums, it smells like burning hair. A few times I’ve even made the vacuum break. I have to vacuum my room quite a bit to keep the amount of hair flying around to a minimum.

Combing my hair is a disaster area. Everybody needs to stand back when that happens. It’s like a never ending hairball. It’s an absolute train wreck and I feel bad for people who have to deal with it… not really. The reason I thought of how this relates to Christmas is because earlier while I was wrapping presents my hair was getting EVERYWHERE. Getting stuck in the tape, sticking to the wrapping paper, hanging off the tags or the bows. It’s noticeable too. You can’t just not see a monster long hair hanging off a piece of scotch tape. It may be blonde, but it’s still very there and very noticeable. So to all my friends who are getting a present from me at any time during this Christmas season, there may or may not be a hair or two stuck to your presents. I tried to get them off, but now you’ll just have another piece of me.

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