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I don’t know how people manage to write everyday. I’ve been doing really good at it this month but sometimes I have no energy to write. I don’t plan topics. I write about whatever comes to my head at the time. I get writers block a lot when I sit in front of a screen, wanting to post something by a certain time. This morning on the other hand, I’ve just been lazy. Procrastinating with 8Ball and Snapchat like I always do.

I’m having a Christmas party this Saturday with my 5 closest friends so this week will be spent putting the finishing touches on their presents and buying food. Samm is really excited for the pickle rolls. I am too. I haven’t had them since last Christmas. I need to start making them more since they’re so easy to make. I’m glad I get to see all the people that bring me endless joy and watch their faces when they open up presents. I love giving.

We haven’t had any tornadoes lately at least. It’s been pretty cold. Last night it got into the low teens. No more snow though. That part makes me sad. It makes me so happy waking up and seeing a white blanket covering the ground. Smokey loves to trot all over the snow once he gets used to it. It’s funny how he’ll shake his paws after touching it as if he’s saying it’s icky.

Yesterday a special weather statement popped up on my phone that said that it was going to get foggy and have patches of ice. I got up too late and didn’t see any fog or ice. Just extreme cold. I don’t have enough fat on my body to keep me warm. I rely on my big, puffy winter coat that makes me look like an eskimo that’s about to walk across the tundra for some meat. I always wonder how they managed to live in such cold conditions. It’s crazy to think about that. The Ice Age. Wooly Mammoths and Saber Tooth Tigers. That’s what comes to mind.

Who knows what this week will hold? Tune into the next episode of my life is a mess tomorrow at some point in the afternoon.

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