Holiday Shenanigans

I’ve never had a group of friends that make me as happy as my friends I have now do. I don’t think I’ve ever had “true friends”. There’s been a lot of fair weather friends but nobody ever stuck around. Seems like everybody wanted to use me. The one exception is Carly. 7 years strong and that’s not ending anytime soon.

Yesterday was a prime example of true friendship. Austen, Carly, Matt and I had a Christmas shopping outing. You know the feeling when you feel at home with your friends? Like you can say whatever you want in front of them and they don’t judge you… just laugh at you when you say something really stupid and hold it over you for the rest of the day. Yeah. That’s exactly what I feel. I feel at home. The missing puzzle piece to my life is found and I’m complete.

I would type out some things we talk about, but you’ll all go blind from reading it. We should never have a reality tv show. We’re very disturbing and why Austen lets us be out in public is beyond my knowledge. Austen is definitely the most mature of the group. He doesn’t become flamboyant in public and embarrass everybody. That’s Carly and I’s job. Like when she decided to twerk in Target and get seen by an old guy. Or when I talk too loudly at Steak n Shake to where the whole restaurant can hear me say something about booty. Or in Walmart when Matt decides to take an empty Dr. Pepper can on an adventure through the women’s clothes section while Carly buys Christmas leggings. Austen doesn’t do anything like that. It’s like he’s more mature than us… or we’re just really childish. Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is a choice. Remember that. There’s a reason why I still look like I’m 14 even though I’m almost 21.

I’m trying to relate my friends to some kind of Christmas way to make this blog have some Christmas spirit. We did go Christmas shopping yesterday. Matt decided to beat me with rolls of wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree. I told him to hold the wrapping paper so I could carry the rest of my things and he just decided to use it as a weapon while being in the way of a bunch of adults trying to buy things for their family. Austen yelled at him for it. What great times we have.

I don’t really know how to relate this to Christmas, but Austen and Carly are assholes. We were playing Crazy 8’s and they hit me with like a draw 16. FRIENDS DON’T DO THAT TO FRIENDS GUYS!! IT’S NOT OKAY. I HAD UNO!!

Crazy 8.PNG

That night while we were taking Carly home we were passing Christmas decorations. I was pointing at them and moving my finger. Carly decided I was trying to pepper spray them. We also hardcore jammed out to some Christmas music. Our renditions of songs are priceless and if you ever get to hear them, I’m terribly sorry we cursed your ears with that.

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