The Sheep I Thought was a Giraffe

It’s 9:11 at night. I’m very tired. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to write about. This happens a lot. The dreaded writers block.

The Sheep I Thought was a Giraffe

At this point I think I’m tired. A commercial came on that had a sheep in it. In my head I called the sheep a giraffe. If Matt read that right now he would be yelling at me to go to bed. It’s like that Snickers commercial, “You aren’t you when you’re hungry.” except for me it’s “You aren’t you when you’re tired.” Normally I don’t go to bed until 11 so why I’m this tired is beyond me.

Update. I just saw the commercial again. It’s definitely a sheep… not a giraffe. I don’t know if you’ve seen the commercial, but I guess it’s supposed to make your heart happy for the holidays.

There’s a little girl. I’m assuming they live on a farm because there’s a sheep. Only one sheep though. I don’t think there were any other animals. I didn’t pay very much attention to the commercial. There could’ve been a giraffe in the background. I’ll never know. Well, this girl doesn’t like the fact that this sheep is being shaved for the wool to make blankets or coats or whatever those farm people wanted to make with it. Anyway, this girl. She spends all this time putting this blanket together and the parents are apparently clueless as to what she’s doing. The dad is outside shaving the sheep. Isn’t there a word for it? Sheering a sheep? Is that right? I’m too lazy to google it so I’m just going to call it shaving the sheep. One night this girl looks out her window and sees the little sheep there all by himself or herself, don’t wanna be to gender specific and get attacked on here, and she takes this quilt out to the sheep in this cute little barn and covers him up. Then this quote pops up on the screen and it says “Christmas is what you make it”.

I’m way too tired right now and I shouldn’t be writing. Maybe somebody will get a laugh out of it. Austen and Cody were already making fun of me because I called the sheep a giraffe. This just isn’t my night so it might just be time to call it quits. I’m going to read this in the morning and not remember a single thing about it.

Update: I ended up falling asleep at midnight I think. It’s now 12:10 in the afternoon. This  blog will be going up at 2. I don’t remember writing most of that last night because I was so tired, buy hey, it’s a blog. I hope you like reading it because I sure got a few laughs out of it as I was proofreading it.

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