Hallmark Card Moment

Are you all ready to deal with me for 25 consecutive days?!

Here we go.

Second Blogmas.

Last year was a horrible failure. This year…. we’ll try a little harder.

Will everything be Christmas themed? Probably not.

Am I going to plan this out? Absolutely not.

Will you all get annoyed with me? Hell to the yes.

Do I care? Frick no.

Lets go with the flow and see what ends up happening. Let’s stress myself out even more during the most stressful time of the year for me! Why do I do this to myself? The answer is because I have no life and nothing else to do. Anxiety is going to be my life for the next month. So here you all go! Come with me and see how mentally destroyed I get before I give up and decide to cry while watching those sappy Hallmark movies that all have the same story line and ending. The girl finds love, doesn’t think it’ll work out, they kiss, happy ever after and it snows. The end. Let me tell you… I love it. I could watch those all day and night. Just the other night I was crying to my friend at 1 in the morning while watching one of them. He probably hated me for it but what are friends for, you know?

Anyway, I’ve learned to handle my life a little better than last year. A lot has changed. Boy have I changed. I lost people. I found my people. Everything is slowly falling into place and I’m beyond terrified.

I’ve learned how to handle my anxiety a little better. That’s a big plus. I take it all in stride. Mental breakdowns are my favorite pastime. Post anxiety attack jam sessions are what I live for. Don’t forget the naps after a long day of pure anxiety rushing through your veins. Pure blissful sleep. Don’t forget to rub your tears into your face to help clear up acne. Matt didn’t believe me one day that your tears can help clear up your acne. Then Ana says the same thing a few days later. What do you know? He either believes me now or thinks we’re both batshit crazy. Either way he is most definitely not wrong.

It’s the final month of 2018. Hot diggity damn did this year FLY by. So with that being said, enjoy seeing me everyday for the next 25 days. If I annoy you to the point where you unfollow I’m obviously not sorry. If you look forward to reading what I write then hallelujah I’m thankful for you.

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