2 Kinds of People


Over the weekend, I spent the day with Austen, Carly, and Matt. We went to Taco Bell, Starbucks, Target and watched Impractical Jokers. The day was pretty good. But I realized something. There’s two different kinds of people around this time of year.

People who are in the Christmas spirit now, and the ones who despise it. 

Let me explain more.

Carly was singing Christmas music. Austen was absolutely not having it. Not one bit. The look on his face said it all. Austen told me previously in the week that if Christmas music was played, he would be leaving. Well, he didn’t end up leaving. But I could tell he was plotting something in his head. The rest of the night, Carly and Austen went on bickering about Christmas music.

Austen hates Christmas music in general… I feel offended. How can one not like screaming “Have a holly jolly Christmas” in Target? I swear every time Carly said something about Christmas Austen’s eyes about rolled into the back of his head. Matt on the other hand didn’t seem to care what so ever. I don’t even think he was paying attention to any of us the entire time. He was off in his own little world of himself.

Carly and I love Christmas. She started Christmas shopping in September. Okay, she’s kind of crazy. Not kind of, she is crazy. But that’s why she’s my best friend. I haven’t even started thinking about shopping for people yet… maybe it’s a good idea I start before I get lazy and don’t do it at all.

In the end, Austen is lame for not liking Christmas music. Now every time we sing it around him, he’s probably going to hope we step on legos. Carly is too organized with her Christmas planning and I’m over here being a mess and not having my life together. Then there’s Matt… who probably doesn’t even remember anything that happened that night because he hardly ever pays attention to what we do.

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