Figuring out My Feelings

Hey there.

I’m back again and feeling much better.
Since I’ve updated you all on where I’ve been, I’ve gotten a lot of messages about how strong I am, and how I got through it. I know a lot of people go through the same thing, or variations of what happened to me since life affects everybody differently. So I wanted to talk about something that gets me through a lot and has made me feel a lot better.


Writing has been my savior for years. Whenever I was sad or going through a hard time, a pencil and paper was all I needed to help heal my mind. It also helps me sort out my thoughts when my brain is all foggy and I can’t think my way through it. I got a suggestion a few days ago from one of my Twitter followers to write out all my feelings and try to see if I could find the root of my problem because for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was bothering me so much. So a few nights ago, I sat at my desk and wrote down everything I was feeling. It was the first time I had written about anything in over a month. The feeling felt foreign but comforting. In return, I felt relieved. Getting through that moment motivated me so much to keep going. I wrote for hours that night. It was like solving a mystery. I linked all my thoughts to the feelings. Realized part of the problem was me being overdramatic (of course), and another issue was that I stress over the little things too much.

Ever since then, I’ve been writing every night when I get home. Scribbling down my thoughts from the day has helped my emotions dramatically. I feel so much more at peace knowing that I’m getting better and that writing is a big part of it. I’ve been able to clear my head and go to sleep blissfully since my mind isn’t constantly racing and overthinking.

If you’re ever stuck on a thought, or your mind is feeling a little cloudy, try writing out how you feel. Or type it out on your phone and send it to a friend. I’ve woken up with texts from my friends from 3 in the morning with them sending me a long paragraph about how they feel. Sometimes just ranting to somebody makes you feel a little better. I do that a lot too. Most of the time it’s over the stupidest things but hey, my friends deal with it and don’t complain so looks like they get a cookie.

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