The Butterfly

The other day I was mesmerized by an inch worm, inching it’s way across the windshield on Matt’s truck. The way he inched along, lost and so far from home, but still traveling onward. He would probably never see his home again. It really made me stop and think about the world. What is home? Everybody has different views. To some, home is a permanent house or building they get to come home to at the end of a long work day. A safe place where you feel free enough to not be judged by others in this world. A place where laughs are heard, songs are sung and movies are binge watched all night. To others, home could mean something so different. Home could be the stage where you perform in front of millions of people. Home could be the plane where you spend countless hours up in the sky, traveling from destination to destination. Constantly on the move. Home could be the place you visit most, a place you hold near and dear to your heart.
Where is my home? That’s a good question. This Earth is rightfully my home. But that’s a little broad of an answer. I don’t travel much, I spend a lot of time at my house, in my room at my desk. A loner in life. Do I consider my house my home? Yes, but sometimes I feel it’s suffocating my lungs. I long to travel the world. Meet new people, learn about different cultures, take everything in. There’s more to life than this cornfield in my backyard. Stalks nearly doubling my height, towering over me. If you’ve ever seen “Children of the Corn”, you’d hate my backyard at night.

A few days ago, I saw a video of a butterfly and the process of it being born as a caterpillar, eating endless amounts of leaves, then cocooning and finally becoming the beautiful creature that we call a butterfly. It intrigued me to learn more about this creature that literally digests itself. I got to thinking to myself “How far does a caterpillar travel before it’s ready to start the process of becoming a butterfly?” The caterpillar has one job and it’s to eat, so my logic is they wouldn’t travel too far… unless they needed to get to some leaves.
When I was little I used to be scared of caterpillars. I thought they were ugly and would bite me if I touched it. In my defense, anything with more than two legs scares me more than you could ever imagine. I didn’t realize how something so small and moderately unattractive could turn into something so beautiful and able to travel so much farther and faster.

I would say right now in my life, I’m a caterpillar. I don’t travel very far, I eat a lot, and I’m not the best looking. Eventually, I’ll cocoon myself up for a few days and come back out a beautiful butterfly, ready to travel and explore from a different view. I’ve never been on a plane, and I would love to experience life in the clouds, even though I’m terrified of heights. Life is all about perspective. Caterpillars only see life from the ground. A very limited view, surrounded by green, only slight glimpses at the bigger world. A butterfly on the other hand, can see from many different perspectives. Flying through the air, fluttering along while admiring the flowers in the flower bed, or sitting on a tree brand looking out over the horizon. Even sitting back in all the greenery where the caterpillar would roam and feast in the past. You can go back to your past and visit, but don’t dwell on it or you’ll never be able to flutter with the butterflies.


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