Hate Empowers Ambition

There’s no better feeling than seeing a “hate comment” from a former best friend.
My first thought was,
“You’re like 21 and you’re leaving hate comments still?”
Why be mean to somebody you used to be madly in love with? I used to be your world. You couldn’t go a day without talking to me. I was the one you came to when you needed advice about anything. I was the one who was always there, time and time again. When you were at your lowest I was right by your side.

When I started to fall into a depression you showed your true colors. That’s when you left me. You only wanted to be around me when I was happy so you could claim that you were the reason for my happiness. Right when I needed you, you left. I found a new group of friends and found happiness in them. My real friends. I thought you were real, until I heard all the things that came out of your mouth behind my back. I was sad but not surprised. It was at that moment I knew I didn’t need you in my life anymore.

Apparently you didn’t like that because now you’re talking about me even more and leaving hate comments on my social media. After crying, getting so much love and support from my friends and family, picking myself back up and moving forward, I realized your hate is only feeding into my ambition to keep doing what I do. You, and everybody else who hates me are just empowering me. You’re making me stronger. You’re giving me the satisfaction of you reading and watching what I create.

“Love your haters, they’re your biggest fans” – Kanye West. 

Your words might be powerful, but my ambition is stronger.

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