Relationships in the Digital Age

Hey guys, for this blog post I thought I would let one of my favorite bloggers, Alex, write a guest post on here because I wrote on for her blog. You can check that out right Here.

Since my blog is about anything and everything, I let her chose whatever topic she wanted, and this is the one she chose. I hope you enjoy!

Yo Dudes,

It’s Alex, over here at AboutMyAwkwardLife

Andddd, I’m over here on Abbys blog to talk to you guys a little bit about a MAJOR issue that’s affecting MY life, and pretty much every other teenager in the world – yep, you’ve guessed it right (if you’ve even tried to guess that is). It’s –

Relationships in the Digital Age.

Nowadays, it’s hard for teens or ANYONE in fact to communicate WITHOUT the trusty help of social media. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. These little devices that are fully capable of taking over every aspect of our lives. And hey, I’m not judging – I’ve got one too, but isn’t it crazy what it’s doing to us?

When was the last time you spoke to that person face to face? And no, I don’t mean FaceTime. I mean, when was the last time you had a proper conversation with somebody in person? Sure, you may see them every once in a while but let’s be real – calling them is easier right? I remember when I was younger and I didn’t have a phone – the world was so much more innocent.

The only way I would see my friends was if I ran to their houses. And in a way it made it so much more fun. Knowing that you’d actually get to see them, picking out what to wear and what toys to bring. Now, I just sit down at home in a pair of sweatpants, press the video call button and only have to worry about my face.

This is even worse in regards to love lives. Nowadays, at least where I’m from, the amount of people who have started “dating” somebody without even meeting them once is INSANE. And you wanna know how that’s possible? You see somebody’s Instagram, their snapchats in the bio, you ask for a picture and you start talking. Isn’t it just crazy how simple it is? And how utterly DULL it is too? I mean, what happened to the spark of love? The dates, the walks in the park? What happened to true romance? I mean, I’m pretty sure Tinder isn’t the most romantic thing in the world is it?

Why has social media changed everything? It has even changed how we view OURSELVES. Now I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met a single girl who hasn’t dissed another girl several times – heck, I’ve even done it myself. And that’s not how it should be at all! It’s all because we’re being conditioned to hate each other! To fight over boys and be jealous of looks and why, why, why? What is it all for.

Honestly? To me? Social media is a bunch of bullcrap which has meant that everyday activities can now be simplified to the push of a button and bam! You’re alienated from the rest of society.

Go out! Have coffee with that old friend you’ve been texting back and forth. Do everything you’ve been meaning to do but that you’ve been too “busy” to actually get round to when in actuality, you’ve just been binge watching a new Netflix series  – I see you.

Don’t let social media cloud your mind and your judgements on the world! Be true to you. Okay – mini rant over.

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