7th Year Friendaversary

If you’re new here, you wouldn’t know this, but for all you OG’s that were here last year during this time of year, you would know that I have a best friend and we’ve been friends for 7 years now.

This is by far my longest… and craziest friendship.

We’ve managed to do a lot in 7 years… from graduating high school to starting families. Throughout boyfriends and friendships ours always remained the strongest. We know we aren’t going anywhere.

In honor of making it this far, I’m going to enlighten you on some accomplishments we’ve achieved together over the years.

  1. Graduated high school. Didn’t think that would happen.
  2. Went 7 years without killing each other. There were a few close times.
  3. Come out an emo/goth phase together. Kinda.
  4. Had an intervention together. Long story
  5. Almost went bald together. Thank god that didn’t happen.
  6. Got through relationships together.
  7. Became Jerry Springer super fans. JERRY JERRY JERRY!
  8. Had tapeworms together.
  9. Pulled countless all nighters followed up by ramen binges.
  10. Survived tornado warnings together. Followed by ramen binges.
  11. Experimented with different hair colors. I think we’ve found some decent colors.

We’ve done a lot… without dying. That’s the biggest accomplishment of all. Not dying. Even though we’ve came super close.

I love you Jimmy 💙

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