Dubstep/Trap Playlist

Nothing gets my heart happy than heart a good bass drop or a good electro beat. I sound so lame. Okay, anyway, here’s some good tunes to get thumping to in the car or when you’re exercising. Wow. This is why I don’t have friends…. well, here we go.

  1. ARMHMR Ft. NIKOLO – Oceans
  2. Allen Walker – Faded (Oasis Trap Remix)
  3. Justin Prime – Lights Off
  4. Krewella – New World
  5. Far East Movement – The Illest
  6. Far East Movement – Bang it to the Curb
  7. Krewella – Dead Af
  8. Fytch & Captain Crunch – Raindrops
  9. Skan Ft. M.I.M.E – Mia Khalifa
  10. Steve Void Ft. Laurell – Perfect Mess
  11. Krewella – Human
  12. Getter & Adair Ft. Georgia – Blood
  13. Meg & Dia – Monster (DotEXE Dubstep Remix)

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  1. Monster (DotEXE remix) is one of my favorite dubstep songs! Human is a somewhat emotional song, but I love it. I haven’t heard the rest, so I’ll have to check them out.

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