I Melted a Straw and Burnt My Finger

Okay, so just for the record, I’m NOT the brightest crayon in the tool shed. I’m a blonde. I don’t make smart decisions sometimes (all the time), and I don’t think about the what ifs.

Yesterday, I was sitting with Austen and Matt. It was pretty boring. There’s not much to do in this small town. So what do we do when there’s nothing to do and we’re bored? We set things on fire.

The first mistake that was made was Austen letting me use his lighter. I had one of those plastic straws that are absolutely horrendous for the environment. Instead of throwing it away and choking a turtle, what did I decide to do? Burn it and emit toxic fumes in the air. Once again, I’m not smart.

I’m sitting in Austen’s truck, burning the straw, watching it melt and suffocating from the nasty smell. We’re giggling and then all hell broke loose. The straw melted onto my finger. I started screaming and throwing a huge fit. The melted straw stuck to my finger and I had to rip it off. I ripped it off and some of the skin came with it. All of this is happening while Matt is sitting there on his phone, not paying any attention to me screaming and dumping water on my finger.

Burnt Finger

Moral to this story is, don’t be an idiot. It’s not worth it. Austen grounded me from fire. The only good thing that came from that was me getting a pint of chocolate M&M ice cream and eating the entire thing within a half hour. Later that day, Matt had to be grounded from fire for another reason. It was a rather “flame” day. Haha okay I hate myself so much for that. Don’t play with fire unless you are a trained professional.

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  1. OUCH! That looks really painful! I burnt my finger on a wood stove once, and it didn’t look as bad as your finger (just a slight blister), but it hurt so bad! My finger kept feeling like it was on fire, so I had to constantly keep ice on it to take the burning feeling away.

    1. That sounds horrible! Burns hurt so bad… It was really painful at first, and for a few hours after. But around the time I was going to bed it stopped throbbing. I wasn’t around ice to put on it sadly, but I had band aids and Neosporin (thank goodness). Now it only hurts if there isn’t pressure on it.

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