Ever been so irritated that literally everything annoys you? Like the existence of everything makes you clench your fists and want to punch a wall. Even your closest friends make you want to spontaneously combust into a million pieces. A simple “good morning.” from your other half could be the cause of World War 3 in your head.

No amount of coffee, ramen or ice cream could stop the growing anger boiling inside of your body. You want to be productive and get things done, but once you start doing a task so simple such as folding laundry, you think to yourself “Why the hell am I doing this?” then go lay in bed and get on Facebook. Not even tagging your friend in memes will help this time.

Everything becomes a tragedy… and people wonder why I’m legitimately crazy. I need therapy. Every time a friend’s name pops up on my phone I roll my eyes and leave them on read. Oops, don’t care. Sorry about ya. Talk to you later buddy. If I’d talk to you, I’d probably start yelling at you. Do we need that? Nope. So don’t test me.

Knowing you have a thousand things to do but you’re not in the mood to get anything done. You say to yourself “I’ll do it later.” knowing damn well you actually won’t then you end up getting swamped with a million other things.

Somebody asks if you wanna do something later tonight and you act like it’s the end of the world because the irritation is real. You say yes to going out because you don’t wanna let your friend down because they need you. Then you remember you gotta get everything you put off earlier done tonight. Here comes a mental breakdown. You wanna lock yourself in your room and never socialize again. Then you end up laying in bed alone. You start thinking about things you shouldn’t and get even more aggravated. The day is going by so slow and you don’t know what to do.

Exercise. Exercise makes the brain happy. You go out and go for a walk and you’re listening to your favorite music and slowly starting to calm down. The sun is shining and you start to smile. Your skin is getting warm and sweat is forming on your forehead. Sweat out all the irritating feelings. Mile walk is completed. You’re on your way home, happier and ready to get everything done. Ready to take on tonight with your friend. Then, you see somebody you don’t like. They stop and talk to you. Your blood starts boiling again. You say you’re tired and wanna go home and nap. You walk away… back to being angry. The day needs to be over.

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