Life brought us together for a reason. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Everybody who comes into your life is there for a reason.
We went from strangers to best friends in a matter of hours. I’ve never had a friendship click so well and so fast.

We talked every single day. Each day, we became closer and closer. We shared our past, our future, and our deepest secrets.

I trusted you with everything.
You understood me.

You came into my life when I was falling apart. You helped piece me back together. I felt at peace with myself. When other’s left my life you were there to dry my tears. I received constant reassurance form you. Things were looking up.

Time went on and the late night conversations turned into goodnight at 10pm. The conversations were dry. There weren’t anymore laughs. I started losing a very important person in my life. You were being so distant and I didn’t know why. My heart started to hurt. So many questions I wanted to ask.

“What did I do?”
“Do you not care about me anymore?”
“Why do you keep saying sorry?”

I don’t want apologies. I want my friend back in my arms.

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