20 Things that Make Me Happy

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I’ve been in a slump lately. Whenever I get into a sad slump, I write down something that makes me happy. I write it all down in the notes app on my phone. Over time, I’ve accumulated a list of things that make me happy, and I read it when I get sad to reassure myself that good things are coming. Here’s my list of 25 things that make me happy.

  1. Writing – writing is something I’ve always gone to when I’ve beens ad or going through something hard. It’s always come naturally to me and it’s an escape from reality when I don’t wanna live.
  2. Music – like writing, music has always been there for me. It’s been a great help with my anxiety. When I’m having an anxiety or panic attack, I listen to music that will help me calm down. There’s a song for every emotion/feeling I have.
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookies – let’s be real, nothing beats a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. Especially when you’ve had a bad day and all you want to do is relax.
  4. Smokey, my kitty – I love it when I first wake up and he’s laying next to me purring. Then he sees I’m awake and comes over to me and snuggles up against me. That makes my heart happy.
  5. Bonfires – it’s almost summer. That means bonfires late at night with my best friends. There’s never a dull moment with any of us.
  6. Late Night Drives – driving down country roads late at night with the only light around coming from the moon and star that are illuminating the path for you. Listening to your favorite music with the windows down and the cool summer wind blowing in your hair. Those are the nights I live for.
  7. Summer – since I keep mentioning it, might as well add it in here. Summer makes me so happy. It’s pretty much my favorite season. I love the hot days when all you wanna do is drown in a lake and the cool nights when you wanna murder every single mosquito on the planet.
  8. Shopping – nothing makes me feel more renewed than buying new clothes.
  9. Nighttime Walks – I love going on night walks just as much as I love going on night drives. There’s something so peaceful and calming about the nighttime that I love. I’m a night owl.
  10. Morning Coffee – everybody who knows me knows that you don’t talk to me, look in my general direction, or come within five feet of me until I’ve had coffee int he morning. I’m addicted to caffeine. It’s bad. I’m at the point where I need coffee about three times a day or I get a bad headache. It’s 6:07 p.m. right now and I’m drinking a mocha frappachino from Starbucks.
  11. Sleepovers with My Best Friends -That’s when I seem to be my happiest. I really let go and quit caring at that point. It might be because I stay up all night and I get loopy.
  12. Playing the “Right, Left, Right” Game – Austen, Matt and I did this once and we ended up in the middle of nowhere. I’m surprised we have cell service.
  13. Taco Bell – if anybody knows me even in the slightest, you know food is the key to my heart. I’m hopelessly addicted to Taco Bell. I’m not okay.
  14. Gymnastics – I love going out to my trampoline and flipping around for awhile. It’s a pretty good stress reliever for me.
  15. Ice Cream – I’m a stress eater, and nothing makes me feel more comforted than some chocolate ice cream.
  16. Shane Dawson & his squad, Tana Mongeau & her squad – The other day I was sad and crying, so I started watching Shane and Tana’s YouTube videos and turned my sad tears into tears of laughter.
  17. Savage Squad – I’m in a group chat with 6 of my closest friends and they never let me go a day without laughing about something stupid. Whenever we’re together it’s always a fun time.
  18. Playing basketball – Horse to be exact. Jeb and I have been playing for awhile. It’s 33-1. I don’t know how I’m so good.
  19. FaceTiming friends at night – My friends and I like to stay up late because there’s something wrong with us. Normally I fall asleep on FaceTime with Austen, Cody, or Matt every night. It makes things easier for me. I don’t feel so alone.
  20. Tanning – I love laying on my trampoline and getting some sun while listening to my bomb Spotify playlist. It clears my head and I look less like a ghost.

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  1. I love late night drives too:) Although I just love driving alone in the middle of nowhere in general… there’s nothing like the freedom of being by yourself and just thinking, you know?

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