Part 4: The Aftermath

Hey guys.
Welcome back.

It’s been a little over a week since all that good stuff happened. After we had our little seance, we went and “fucked shit up” as Kodee would say. In reality, we took a nice long walk around town. That cleared our heads. It was around 3:30 in the morning when we got back. I was exhausted. We all were. Austen made the mistake of laying down to pet Smokey. He passed out on the floor. I made the mistake of turning on George Lopez. That show always knocks me out. I don’t remember anything after that.


I wasn’t home much that day. I didn’t really want to be home, but at the same time, I desperately needed a nap. In the afternoon, we decided everybody needed to go home and take a well deserved nap. I went home and passed out for 3 hours. Holy jeepers it was the best nap I ever took. It was one of those naps where you wake up and you don’t know what day it is, where you are, or what time it is, but oh boy did I feel refreshed. It was around 7 when I woke up. I went right back out and went on a walk. I found Jeb and Matt. We were all emotional wrecks that night. That night I got more than a full night’s sleep. Thankfully.

The Following Week 

In the next week, not much with Richard happened, even though we left the portal open and it probably still is opened. I don’t really know what we did, but whatever we did must’ve gotten rid of him… or so we thought. The quiet didn’t last too long.

The first few days were pretty quiet. Before I knew it, Smokey was running back down into the basement, meowing and hissing at something in the crawl space. My mom even witnessed it this time. She told me I was just being stupid. Okay Theresa, but when you get attacked by Richard for not believing, don’t come crawling back to me saying you’re a believer now.

The next thing that happened was with yet another FaceTime call. It was Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday went by and nothing was really happening except Smokey going crazy and doing his thing. I avoided the basement. But anyways, Wednesday I was FaceTiming Michaela (Go read her blog right here) and it was lunch time. I left my iPad in my room but took my phone to the kitchen to make some lunch. I was FaceTiming her on my iPad. I wasn’t going to be but a few minutes. When I was gone she heard clapping coming from behind the iPad. Nobody else was around and I sure as hell didn’t do it. She Snapchat me while I was making food and told me. She was low-key freaking out. I was thinking “Fucking aye Richard can you at least leave my blogging friends alone? What did she ever do to you?” Needless to say, Michaela believes now that she’s experienced something.

The next day was Thursday (obviously, what else could it be? Monday? No, you silly goose).     and both of my parents were working. I was home alone. Just Smokey and me. I needed to go down to the basement to get something. I was trying to put it off until one of my parents got home because I was scared. Yes, I was scared. Basements terrify me. They have since I was little. Nothing good ever happens in the basement, so I’m gonna be the smart one and not go down there alone.

Devynn FaceTimed me to see what I was doing and I decided that if I was on FaceTime with somebody it wouldn’t be as bad. Still terrifying, but not as bad. So by now you know my FaceTime calls are always wack. Well, everything was fine when I was upstairs. As soon as I walked down the stairs and into the basement the FaceTime call started making all sorts of static noises and beeping. The longer I was down there, the worse the beeping got. Finally, I grabbed what I needed and took off running back upstairs. I slammed the door shut. Right when I shut the door, all the beeping and static went away. I ran right outside and didn’t go back in.

With all of this happening, I have come up with a theory.
Theory: When we had the seance, we heard the basement door open. Well, maybe Richard escaped to the basement and now he’s hiding/trapped down there. Nothing has been happening upstairs either, which makes me believe that even more. Also with Smokey freaking out in the basement and the experience I had in the basement. It all makes sense in my head. I might just be crazy though. I’ll let you guys decide.

That was our experience with Richard. Who knows if this activity will keep up, or if it’ll go away. It’s crazy how something that started out as a joke became something so real and scary. I think I’m okay with Richard being around as long as he doesn’t attack me or the Savage.

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