Responding to Self Harm

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Disclaimer: Today’s topic can be triggering to some people, so please be considerate of other’s feelings. 

Some people think that self harm is just cutting. To me, it’s more than that. Much more.
To me, self harm comes in many different forms, physically and mentally.
Physical examples include cutting and burning.
Mental examples include putting yourself down everyday and not sleeping.
Starving yourself I consider to be physically and mentally destroying. Your body goes through a lot and mentally, and you aren’t able to properly function physically.

I have seen important people in my life take part in all these different types of self harm, with the most popular two being cutting and starving.

A few weeks ago, somebody said to me, “They need to grow up and stop cutting. It’s stupid.” In return, I got very angry and defensive. Not that anybody should be doing it, but because that person is so uneducated. That’s what I want to do today. I want to shed some light into why people self harm and why it should be taken more seriously.

Self harm isn’t just hurting yourself. It’s an escape from reality. Like how some people turn to weed or cigarettes instead of taking a knife to their wrist, or going days without eating. It numbs the pain, but only for a short while. Then all that’s left is a scar to remind you of that pain. Some think it’s for attention, which people could do it for attention. But you can’t assume that about everybody. Some people out there do have very real depression and anxiety issues and that’s how they cope with it. I know many, many people who have depression and that’s their escape. Yes, they understand it’s wrong, but when you go through so much pain mentally it’s nothing more than a stress relief. It takes the bad thoughts away and replaces it with physical pain. Although it’s not the best way to handle it, sometimes it’s the only thing the person can think of or do in that moment.

If you, or anyone you know had suffered from self harm, don’t be afraid to talk to them. Sometimes all a person needs is a friend to talk to or be there for them. They might be reluctant to talk to you, which most people are when they self harm. But if that happens, you should let them know that you’re always there for them.

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  1. Such an important topic! So many don’t have a clear understanding and the lack of knowledge makes the challenge self garners face all the more difficult. Thanks for this post, it’s so true x

    1. You’re very welcome 💙 I’m glad you liked it. I really wanted to educate people who weren’t clear on it.

  2. That post was deeper than Atlantis. Maybe the most important blog post you’ve written. So many people who struggle with mental health issues do it in silence, afraid to speak about it and to be perceived as weak. It takes someone brave enough to expose the culture to change it, that’s why this post is so important. How many people wouldn’t self harm if they had people in their life who were compassionate, understanding, non-judgemental, and who truly listened and understood. You are amazing, Abby. So proud of you!!!

  3. I haven’t self harmed in about 7 years now, but I used to scratch my skin with this little pair of scissors I had. I would run it across my skin over and over until it left multiple scratches (sometimes even bled). Emotional pain is honestly worse than physical pain, so it acted as a distraction. Plus, when you experience physical pain, your body will release its own natural pain reliever, which also makes you feel better mentally too. That’s why so many people do it.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story/thoughts. I’m glad you’ve come this far. It’s good to know that you can and will get through it 💙

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