Pt. 2: We’re Having a Seance

Hey guys.
Welcome back.

Since you last heard from me, a lot has happened. Jeb had his first encounter with Richard. He was walking to his bedroom, and his door slammed shut right in front of him. Then he opened the door and saw a blue streak of light flash right in front of him.

We decided on Saturday, it would be the perfect time to have a seance. We started listing things we would need: crosses, Bibles, salt, candles… we were going to actually take it seriously this time. I know, me taking something seriously is mind blowing. We want answers though.


Matt came over in the morning. I didn’t want to be home alone at all. I wasn’t too scared, I just didn’t want anything to happen while I was the only one there. I started making cookies. Austen and Jeb came over a little while later. We were eating all of the food in my house when I made a ground breaking discovery. If you don’t know, I’m addicted to ranch. Another problem I have. I put ranch on absolutely everything. Mac & cheese, ramen, chips…. everything.

While we were sitting there, I wanted to see what ranch on a sugar cookie tasted like. Austen said “I’m gonna be worried if she throws up.” Jeb said “I’m gonna be worried when she actually likes it and eats all of it.” I put some ranch on a sugar cookie and ate it. It was good. No joke. I had to call my dad and tell him about my ground breaking discovery. He called me strange. Everybody said I’m gross. I am gross.

After awhile, we went to go surprise Kodee. We all pulled up there jacked up on sugar cookies and way too much Dr. Pepper. We probably stressed Coleen out with our nasty conversations and possible diseases we could have. We kidnapped Kodee and brought him back with us. We stopped at the store and got a bunch of candles. I’m gonna be honest, I have no idea how to hold a seance and not get possessed, so we’re just gonna wing it and hope nothing bad happens. Actual representation of me throughout high school.

We came back to my house and relaxed for about an hour. We ate some bomb pizza rolls and listened to Kodee complain about something while Austen proceeded to say “Shut the fuck up nobody cares.” After that yelling episode, we decided we wanted to go play basketball. We all got in the bed of Austen’s truck.

We went to the gas station to get drinks before we went up there. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but this one particular cashier doesn’t like Matt at all. She thinks he’s the most disgraceful thing on this planet and he shouldn’t be alive. She had been talking crap about him to the other employees and even the customers. Telling them that she’s going to kill him and saying all these bad things he’s done like it’s everybody’s business. She brings up every mistake and acts like it’s the worst thing ever. First off, I don’t think she’s aloud to talk shit about an 18 year old kid to customers. Isn’t that illegal or something? Second, it’s none of her god dang business what Matt does in his life. She’s not his mother. So she doesn’t need to be spreading lies about him. It gives him and all of us a bad rep when we didn’t didn’t do a single thing wrong. She’s also a grown woman, so why does it matter to her so much? Anyway, I guess she called the cops on us for being in there or something. I would assume it was because she doesn’t like Matt. We didn’t do anything in there except walk in there and buy some sodas. So this blew my mind.

We went to the courts and played until we got bored. Kodee wanted to go back to the gas station to get another drink. We all went up there. As Austen was pulling in, we saw the cops were there. We hit the deck and drove right back out. We went down to the park and hid out for awhile. Jeb left and we ended up going to the track once we thought the cop had left town. Not gonna let that ruin our night. We started throwing the basketball at each other and chilling. Jeb called me and said he would be back at my house at 10. It was around 9:15. We went back to my house and ate some more food. I have a food addiction.

During this time, I went down to the basement and grabbed all of my ex boyfriend’s stuff because I wanted to burn it. We took it to the fire pit and drenched it in gas. Jeb showed up and we burned it all. I felt closure and a lot better I didn’t have to deal with him or his stuff anymore. On to the next chapter in my life. We sat in front of my house and hung out for awhile. We started talking about Richard and how we all felt uneasy being alone in my house. That night nobody went anywhere alone in my house because we were all too scared. When I went down to the basement to get the stuff, I made everybody come with me so Richard didn’t attack. I had the great idea of burning a cone, so we went out into the country and burned a cone. The things we do around here.

Burning Cone
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When we came back I was taking dumb snapchat videos and in one video I made a quacking noise because it was funny. Looking back at the video, there was an orb that flew out of Matt’s head. We kept hearing noises coming from the bathroom. My bedroom door opened. Matt watched it open. That was enough for Matt. He wanted to go to bed.

Finally, 1 in the morning rolled around and we lit up the candles and attempted to do a seance. We grabbed the crosses, Bibles, salt, and an offering of food. Everything the internet told us to do. We were ready to make contact with Richard. We didn’t have an Ouija Board but we read we could go without it. At this point, I was a little nervous. I din’t want anything to happen that would cause my house to burn down.

The closer we got to actually performing the seance, the weirder things started to feel. This is when it got all too real… To be continued…

Pt 1: The FaceTime Call

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