Pt. 1: The FaceTime Call

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Today is the beginning of a 4 part series going up on my blog. This correlates with all the Richard updates. Since you guys loved reading about this so called demon named Richard thats been following me around, I decided to make this into a series where the Savage Squad decides to go looking for trouble when we shouldn’t. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. I hope you all enjoy 💙.


Austen and I were FaceTiming this one particular night like we had been doing for awhile. It was around 11 when we started the FaceTime call. Everything was going fine. We were messing around in our group chat while giggling back and forth to each other each time something dumb was said. During the FaceTime call, there were weird noises going on. It sounded like crickets, water drops, tongue clicking and a few other weird noises we couldn’t explain. At that point we were joking around, saying things like “Richard, if that’s you make this noise again,” or “Make the noises louder if you’re here.” We were laughing about it and pretty much blowing it off like it was nothing. Around one in the morning, I went to the kitchen to make ramen because I have a problem. I left my phone in my room because I wasn’t going to be gone for that long.

I was gone for about 8 minutes. When I got back, Austen was freaking out.

Austen: Wait, were you gone the entire time?
Me: Yeah.
Austen: Are you serious?!
Me: Dude, yeah why?

I noticed he sounded really freaked out and worked up.

Austen: When you were gone it got really quiet and it sounded like somebody was having trouble breathing.
Me: Are you for real?
Austen: Yeah. It sounded like some old guy having trouble breathing, then the noises started to sound like a heart monitor. When you came back all the noises stopped completely. I was trying to be really quiet the entire time thinking it would just go away.

By that point, I was in tears. I don’t know why. The sudden feeling of sadness hit me and I had the urge to cry. Also, it was the most scared I had ever heard Austen before and we’ve been through everything together.

That was the first time I actually felt fear from Richard doing something.

Austen and I stayed up for another two hours after that, until we were both calm and tired enough to fall asleep. It was 3:30am when we hung up.


I called Jordan the next day while I was waiting for Matt to pick me up. I told him the story of the FaceTime call and what I thought was going on. He said during most of the day he felt as if he was constantly being watched and followed around. That’s all he felt though, nothing really bad or creepy ever happened to him.

The Savage (the group chat I’m in with Austen, Jeb, Jordan, and Matt), decided we needed to do something about this because what happened the past night was ridiculous. We decided that Austen and I should reenact the FaceTime call, but this time record it to see if it happened again. Austen was staying at a friend’s house and I was really sleep deprived from the night before. That night, I ended up falling asleep too early. We figured we would try again the next day when we were more prepared.


This night we came prepared. I actually got a mild amount of sleep and we were ready. At 11:45 we FaceTimed. We thought there would be beeping or something. Nothing at all. For the next hour we goofed around. When 1 came around I started recording on my phone, Austen was listening on my iPad and I went to make food. Ramen to be exact. I really have a problem. I came back around the same amount of time later, excited to see if we caught anything paranormal. Absolutely nothing.

We were relieved but also confused, thinking to ourselves “Well what the hell is going on?” 

During the time I was in my kitchen, Matt was sitting in his room. My house is old, so sometimes the lights flicker. That’s exactly what they did while I was making food. Nothing out of the normal for me. When I came back to my room, I had texts from Matt saying he was in his room and his lights were flashing on and off.

At that point I was mildly shook.

Around 1:30 we came to the conclusion it wasn’t going to happen. I was telling Austen about something weird my cat has been doing. Smokey has been running down to the basement, jumping into the crawl space and hissing/meowing into the darkness. Every time I tried to tell Austen that story, something would distract me. The first time I tried to tell him, there was a huge spider on my ceiling that caused me to have an anxiety attack. The second time I thought something was moving around in my closet. I was probably tired. The third time I tried telling this simple story, the beeping and noises started coming through the FaceTime call out of nowhere. They were really loud too. So I yelled the rest of the story. It felt like something didn’t want me to be telling that story. The rest of the night both of us felt uneasy.

After everything had calmed down, I fell asleep while still FaceTiming Austen. He hung up a little while later so he could go inside his house. He felt like somebody was following him up to his house and he swears he heard footsteps behind him, following him up to the gate.


We woke up and realized we really needed to  do something. It’s been affecting the 5 of us in different ways, but yet at the same time there’s a correlation. That night Jeb was walking to his room and his bedroom door slammed shut right in front of him. When he opened the door, he saw a blue streak flash right in front of him. It’s been a crazy week.

So now, the Savage is going on their first ever demon hunt to see what’s messing with us.

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    Why don’t you do another seance kinda thing to find out what exactly us going on with Richard, or see if you can send him back? (Wow, I can’t believe I wrote that😅)

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