Update: Richard the Demon

Hey guys.
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Since you all liked reading about a demon that follows me around, I decided to give you guys an update on what he’s been doing to scare the crap out of my friends.

This is the first thing that happened a few weeks ago. I have a friend named Jeb. Whenever I told Jeb about Richard he was like “Oh yeah whatever you’re just crazy.” Until one day when we were at the library. We were sitting in a study room. Just us. I had my back to the wall. We were sitting there talking when I felt a hand touch the back of my head. It actually felt like fingers touching my hair. I instantly jumped and said “OH HELL NO”.
Jeb thought I was crazy. Not even a minute later, he got a phone call from a random number. He answered it and put it on speaker. On the other end of the phone was a creepy guy. It didn’t even sound like a human voice. It sounded demonic and nothing like I’ve ever heard before. The voice said “If you wish to be placed not the do not call list, press one”. Jeb looked at me with pure fear in his face, pressed one and slammed his phone down. He was shook. Lets just say he believes in Richard now and he doesn’t approve.

The next creepy thing that occurred happened a few days later. Matt and I were sitting at the park in town. It was already a creepy, cloudy, eerie day. Nobody was at the park besides us. We were sitting in the grass by the lake when we heard the SAME DEMONIC VOICE THAT CAME THROUGH JEB’S PHONE. Matt didn’t know about the phone call, so I told him and he now believes in Richard. That was the first time he was around when Richard did something, so he was shook. We got the hell out of there.

Richard also likes to take my things, keep them for a few days until I think I’m crazy, then give them back. I always keep a black comb on my vanity. I comb my hair multiple times a day and the comb always stays in that spot. I don’t take it out of my room or put it anywhere else. I’m too OCD for that. Anyways, one day I had washed my hair and I was getting ready to comb it. I walked into my room, sat down at my vanity and went to grab my comb and it wasn’t there. I thought I just dropped it or something. I looked everywhere in my room and everywhere in my house. I couldn’t find it for the life of me. I even asked my parents if they took it. They said I was stupid. I couldn’t find it for a good week and a half. I got another comb. It was blue. One day about a week later, I washed my hair and walked into my room to comb it. I sat down at my vanity and guess what was there, sitting right next to the blue comb. The black one. I had been home alone all day that day too so my parents couldn’t have done it, which when I asked them they said I was stupid once again.

The last thing that happened occurred two weeks ago. Kodee, Jordan, Matt and I were playing with a Ouija Board around midnight to see if we could contact Richard. Well… we did. Matt was laying next to me with his arm around me (he didn’t want to be involved in it because he’s a pansy), Kodee was sitting to the right of me and Jordan was sitting across from me. Jordan and I were asking questions directed towards Richard to see if he would make contact with us. I said, “Richard, if you’re here, use our technology to have the energy to make contact with us.” Right when I said that, Kodee’s phone that was across the room started rapidly flashing on and off. It never does that. It shouldn’t do that. Then after that happened I felt the same hand touch the back of my head in the exact same spot, just like what happened at the library with Jeb. I spazzed out and started yelling at Matt because I thought he touched me when he didn’t. There was absolutely no way he could’ve reached the back of my head. Jordan was looking at us while it all happened and he said Matt never moved. He got upset that I yelled at him and while I was apologizing for yelling, we heard something knock on the counter in the kitchen. Then we heard a knock on the wall. We were done. Time was up. It was over. We were shook. We said goodbye and closed out of the Ouija Board and spent the rest of the night watching Shane Dawson’s scary videos.

That’s my creepy update on Richard. I’m pretty much immune to what he does at this point. It doesn’t scare me too much, but some of my friends just aren’t used to him yet. They’ll get there eventually. I’ll update you all again when more things happen with Richard.

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    1. I’ve always been intrigued by the paranormal haha so now that it’s happening I find it so interesting. My friends on the other hand… it’s gonna take some getting used to for them

        1. Last night something actually happened with Richard that scared me. It was the first time he did something to where I felt fear. You’ll have to wait for the next Richard update to find out what it is!

  1. OH MY FUCKING DAYS. I had to read your other blog post cos I missed it and now I’m SHOOK. THAT’S SO CREEPYYYY HOW CAN YOU GET USED TO IT??? I CAN’T EVEN 😱😱😱😱😱😱

    1. At first I was pretty scared. I didn’t wanna be home alone or anything because I didn’t wanna see some grudge looking thing in the mirror, but after awhile I just kinda got used to it I guess haha

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