Crashing Down Pt. 3

Hey guys.
Welcome back.

Today… I’m sad to say is the final part of this series I’ve been writing for the past week or so. It’s been one hell of a ride.

I ended part two with me saying I know where I stand with everybody. It had calmed down for awhile. Then another piece to the story started to unfold. Alex and Faith left some things of theirs in Mark’s truck or something like that. I wasn’t there so I don’t know that entire part exactly. Well, Alex and Faith demanded that Mark brings their things to them. They’re 40 minutes away though, so he didn’t want to waste his gas just to take them things that they left. At the same time Alex and Faith are saying he stole the things, which personally I don’t believe. That’s my opinion. Because what would he want to do with a bunch of their clothes? I don’t know. Once again, I wasn’t there so I don’t know or really care at this point. It doesn’t involve me so it’s not my problem.

All last week, Mark and I had to deal with them messaging us and tagging us in things on facebook. Like this:

That’s what we dealt with. All week. It didn’t stop. We wanted to take them their things back, but Mark didn’t want to get jumped or anything stupid like that. He didn’t wanna fight, just give them their things back. We talked to some adults and figured out what we should all do. Finally, a few days ago, two of my friends, Mark and I took the bag of things they left, took it to Mark’s house and left it on his doorstep. Not where he is right now. His house in town where we all live. Not in our possession anymore. Everything is with his mother. He threw a fit though and said he was calling the cops. I don’t see how we could get in trouble for that. But, like I said, I don’t care anymore. Not my problem. Time to be happy Abby again.

It’s starting to feel like spring and summer. I got sunburnt. I’m doing what I love. I have my friends and family. I know who I am. I’m finding my way in this world. I don’t need anybody holding me back. I’m going to reach my goals. I’m going to have a great summer and what happens will happen. I live my life in the fast lane.

Mark and I are close now. I got a new best friend and learned a valuable lesson:

He can’t be what you need if he’s 17. 

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