I Promise

I promise to always pick you up when you’re down.
The only way you’re going is up.
I promise to hold you when you’re sad.
Your happiness is what matters most to me.
I promise to love you when you feel like nobody else will.
You deserve to feel loved every single day.
I promise to hug you and never let you go.
You love hugs and snuggles.

I promise to never let you feel unloved.
Everybody needs somebody to love them.
I promise to forgive you when you make a mistake.
Everybody makes mistakes, we move on and learn from them.
I promise to be your shoulder to cry on.
My shoulder is pretty bony, but I’ll try my best.
I promise to love you unconditionally.
Everybody needs to be spoiled with love.
I promise to dance in the rain with you.
I’m not good at dancing but we can make it fun.

I promise to act like an idiot with you.
Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
I promise to laugh at all your jokes.
Everybody needs a good laugh sometimes.
I promise to make bad jokes for you to laugh at.
I’m really good at making bad jokes that aren’t funny.
I promise to be right by your side though thick and thin. 
You deserve to have a great support system.

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