Crashing Down Pt. 2

Hey guys.
Welcome back.

Last week, I posted a blog about the shit show going on in my life. Since then, a lot has happened so I thought I’d update you all. There’s a lot of plot twists so hold on to your sardines or you might lose them.

First, I’ll say I’m not mad in the slightest anymore. I ended the post with us all not getting along. I didn’t know if I still wanted Alex in my life. You know when you give a friendship your all, then you fight till there’s nothing left? That was me. I was doing everything I could to save a friend. In the end, I had to give up. It was destroying me mentally and physically. I still hope the best for Alex, and that he figures his life out. Until then, I’ll be not worrying about him and living my life.

Here’s an update on Mark. The day I posted the blog I went to his house with some of my friends to pick him. On the way back to Kodee’s he looked at me and said “Oh Abby, nice blog by the way”. Everybody got dead quiet. I said “Ummm thanks…” He said he liked it and he knew automatically who everybody was and yeah… whoops haha. Awkward.

Anyways, Mark and I are still friends. I think we have a stronger bond now that we went through the same thing. Here’s what happened that I didn’t mention in the previous blog. Mark was with this girl. We’ll call her Faith. One day, Alex and Faith ran off together. Haven’t seen either of them since. I’ve kinda been fighting on and off with Alex, but in the past 2 days I haven’t heard from him, and Mark hasn’t heard from Faith. Lovely.

Aside from that happening, Mark and I have gotten closer. We stayed the night at Kodee’s together over the weekend, as you could tell if you watched my vlog. (Shameless self promo go watch it! Link will be at the end of this blog!) We’ve pretty much been with each other 24/7 since Friday night. We’re each others support system right now. I’m glad I’m there to help him. I’m especially glad I didn’t lose a good friend in this storm. It’s amazing how something you thought destroyed your life made it just a little bit better. Never in a million years did I think this would happen. Always try to find the positives in the eye of the hurricane.

Now for Tony, I thought Tony hated me. I thought he caused all of this, so I was pretty mad at him. I reached out to him a few days ago because he’s going through something with a chick. I gave him some advice and he apologized for everything. He said his side of the story and said he didn’t tell Alex anything, it was Faith because she’s a problem starter. Figures. I was never really friends with Tony to begin with, but we’re on mutual grounds right now. He agreed with me on a lot of things. He also read the blog. He’s probably going to read this one too. So hey there dude! I don’t know if Alex will read it but I know Mark will. He confessed that he reads all of them. Thanks for being a true fan haha.

At this point, I at least know where I stand with everybody. I don’t have any bad blood with any of them. We all agreed that Alex will come around eventually. The three of us still care about him. We just have to let him do his thing and it’s all a waiting game. For now, I’m going to be living my life to the fullest. I’m not letting anybody hold me back. Maybe more will happen. If it does, there’s a possibility there will be a part 3. Who knows what the future holds.

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