48 Hours of No Sleep

Hey guys.
Welcome back.

Sleep deprived is an understatement.
I can safely say I’ve had one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

It started by Matt, Jordan and I staying at Kodee and Coleen’s. I thought we’d sit there, talk, eat, play Monopoly then fall asleep at 3 in the morning. It didn’t go like that.

I posted a YouTube video vlogging everything so please check that out too! Link at the end of the post!

First, we all got there and we went to McDonald’s. Matt and I got coffee. That was our first mistake in this equation. Nobody should ever let us have coffee. We went back to Kodee’s and I got the sugar shakies. There’s a trail by Kodee’s house, so we went on a walk down it. We walked for a good hour and a half. Time was spent tricking Kodee into thinking Bigfoot and the Slenderman were following us. I know, we’re terrible people, but it was really funny. It was dark by the time we got back. On our way back, we sat in the middle of the highway, about got hit by a car… multiple times, fell down a few times and disturbed the crackhead neighbor. We came down from our sugar high.

We walk into Coleen’s and chilled out for a bit. Until we started drinking soda. There was our second mistake. As we were thinking of something to do, Kodee said we should go to Walmart. So we got in my car and went to Walmart for absolutely nothing. We jacked around and Kodee won a speaker playing one of those claw machine games in the arcade.

Sleepover at Kodee's: Walmart


It was about 10 when we got back. Coleen was almost asleep. That’s when we started to slowly calm back down. An hour or so passed and Coleen went to bed.

Time to summon Satan! We got an Ouija Board and tried to make contact with the dead. That’s when it got spooky. Honestly I didn’t expect anything to happen. Then we started hearing knocking and Kodee’s phone was turning on and off like crazy. Matt was laying behind me with his arm around me and I felt something put a hand on my back. I turned around and started yelling at him because I thought he was trying to mess with me. He didn’t touch me though. So I got touched by a ghost. It was probably just Richard letting us know he’s there. We were done. It got way too spooky for us.

We started watching the legendary Shane Dawson. We watched his Urban Legends videos about sleep paralysis and the black eyed children. It got even more spooky so we watched the video where he tried stoner foods. We got hungry. It was 2 in the morning and we were torturing ourselves by watching this grown man eat Mcdonalds and pizza. What did we do you ask?

Went back to Walmart.

Sleeppver at Kodee's: Shopping Cart

Yep. You read that right. We went back to Walmart at 2:30 in the morning to get a giant box of goldfish and cookies. I thought we would’ve been asleep by then. Matt and I already had a bad week. I assumed we would’ve been out. Nope.

We got back and the time went on and on. Around 5 something we were all pretty loopy. Coleen didn’t wake up for any of our giggling and nonsense. We got quiet for a second and we heard the birds chirping. I said “You know you fucked up when you hear the birds chirping”. More giggles. Around 5:30 it started getting light outside. Jordan looked out the window and said “We really fucked up”. 

Two more hours went by. It was 7:30. Coleen woke up. She looked at us and honestly I thought she would walk right back into her room. We were all laying on the floor and we looked like zombies. Originally, we had a bet going. First one to fall asleep was going to get pranked and we were going to go on Instagram Live for it. We were all so dead inside that we decided if we all fell asleep at the same time nobody could get pranked.

At 8 we were out. Guess what? We only slept for an hour. Fuck. At 10 we all left. Matt disappeared. The rest of the day went on and we didn’t sleep. Well, except for Kodee. He was “sawing logs” in Coleen’s opinion. Matt and I didn’t go to bed until midnight on Saturday. I have no idea what happened to Jordan.

It was all so much fun though. This Friday I’m going back over there and she’s going to bleach my hair again. Pretty sure Matt will show up too. Let’s make it another weekend to remember. I love all of them so much.

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YOUTUBE VIDEO!!! 48 Hours of No Sleep


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    1. We almost didn’t say goodbye, then we started freaking out so we said goodbye haha

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