Take Me Back

Take me back to a simpler time. A time where bikes were our form of vehicle. The street lights were how we told time. We contacted our friends by knocking on their front doors. Days were spent adventuring outside instead of sitting inside playing video games. When the biggest responsibility you had was keeping your room clean. Not a care in the world.

Take me back to when money wasn’t materialistic. When there wasn’t a bombing or death every time you turned the news on. When people loved and cared about each other. When it didn’t matter who had the most money or was highest on the social ladder. What mattered was how you treated others.

Take me back to a time I was actually happy. When I didn’t have to fake a smile for people, just so they wouldn’t ask what’s wrong. When I felt like I was good enough for once. When I didn’t fear not being accepted. When being different was okay. When I didn’t feel alone in a sea of people. When my looks didn’t matter to me.

Take me back to when everything wasn’t stressful. When anxiety and depression didn’t exist. When “drama” was arguing with a sibling over something dumb. When the responsibilities of an adult didn’t try to drown me.

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