Meet Richard, the Demon That Follows Me Around

Hey guys.
Welcome back.

I’m not even lying about this title. Wherever I go, a demon follows me around.
This makes me sound so crazy. I love the paranormal world and all the scary things that come with it.

Let me explain myself.

I’ve mentioned this story in a few previous blog posts, but I never went into full detail about it. So here we go.

One day, about 5 years ago, Carly and I did an Ouija Board seance in my room because we’re stupid. We didn’t make contact with anything paranormal, but being the stupid, uneducated, naive 15 year olds we were, we probably opened a portal and didn’t close it. In the middle of our Ouija Board experience, there was a loud bang on my door. Nobody was home except for us two. My parents weren’t home and my siblings don’t live with me. Not a lot of options as to what it could be.

That was the end of that. It was cancelled. We were shook. The Ouija Board is somewhere in my basement. Ever since then weird stuff started happening. Subtly. I would hear voices, footsteps, things would move or fall off shelves unexplainably… you know. The normal ghost activity that happens. It was never really too bad though.. until last year.

For some reason, within the past year the stuff that’s been going on has really picked up. Especially since we got Smokey, my cat. I’ve been hearing voices more often, people say they feel weird in my house. Nobody likes to be in my room alone. I don’t even like being in my house alone. I think this is all because my uncle passed away last year and we have his rocking chair. So personally I think there’s some type of spiritual attachment to it. But that’s a whole other blog post on it’s own.

Fast forward to a month ago. One day, I was jacking around pretending to be ghost hunting and I said is anybody here. When I said that, I heard a voice say “hey” then footsteps running from my living room into the kitchen. I was shook. I was also home alone. So I was done. When my mom got home I told her and she said she hears footsteps all the time. I’m not alone thank god.

Well one day, Sam and I decided to name the demon or whatever he is, Richard. So everybody, I’d like you to meet Richard. My ghostly friend who follows me everywhere I go. He loves to hangout with all of my friends too. His favorite thing to do is when I’m driving with Carly, he makes the car doors lock and unlock as we’re going down the road. He also turns the radio up and down and makes the headlights flash. It’s pretty exhilarating.

Most of us are okay with Richard being around. He hasn’t done anything too bad or scary… and at this point I think we’re all sleep deprived, crazy, idiots. (It’s 1:22 in the morning right now so I doubt this will even make sense to read). 

This post isn’t meant to be anything serous. Just a bunch of idiot kids making jokes about something that probably isn’t even real. There is actually a ghost in my house though. It’s my uncle. I’m going to write a post about that eventually. That could be a whole series within itself…. so stay tuned.

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