Rainy Days

It’s raining
It’s pouring
I’m getting mad because I just want to go outside.

But you know what they say:
April showers bring May flowers.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this to reassure myself that one day it will be sunny again. I feel like it’s been raining for years.

Wow, I’m really overdramatic.

It’s been pretty rainy here lately. Sad and gloomy. I want to go outside and enjoy the warm weather, but it’s been crappy.

Plus the whole severe weather thing isn’t okay with me.
I hate storms. Everybody knows that. When I hear thunder I instantly go into panic mode. Especially at night when I wake up from a dead sleep to thunder.

But I live right on the edge of tornado alley. Go me! You rock Illinois.

The last time there was a tornado warning Carly, my dad, my ex and I sat in my living room watching baseball and eating ramen. After my mental breakdown of course. Then it started hailing and I was upsetti psketti.

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