I Got Sunburnt!!

Hey guys!
Welcome back.

Last Saturday, my dad and I made an impulse decision to go to St. Louis and see a Cardinal game. We’re both die hard Cardinal fans and we had nothing else to do. So why not?

Cardinal Game: Ballpark Village

We live right around 3 hours away from St. Louis, so we had a pretty long drive ahead of us. We left at 7 in the morning. I normally don’t wake up until 9-10. I was pretty cranky.  Until I got some Starbucks. Then I was a happy Abby. On the way there I slept for maybe an hour. I was more excited to get out of this town for a day.

About halfway there we stopped at a McDonald’s in Springfield. My dad wanted to get breakfast. I normally don’t eat in the mornings, so I got more coffee. I had a dehydration problem later. Oops.

Finally, we got there. It was around 10:15 when we were walking through the gates to the stadium. It was beautiful outside. Sunny and 75. Perfect day for a baseball game…. and a bottle of water. Our seats were pretty awesome too. Right behind the Cardinal dugout, second row back. I was content.

Cardinal Game: Seats


The game didn’t go so well though. They lost, but it was still an amazing time. I’m just glad I got to get out of Illinois for a day. On the way back after the game we stopped at an ice cream place that was apparently really popular in St. Louis. Their ice cream was actually really delicious. So good I slept the entire 3 hour drive back.


Sidenote: Right when we got back into Illinois, the roads turned crap again, shows how much we care about roads. The closer and closer we got to Peoria, the roads got progressively worse and worse. That’s Illinois for ya.




Cardinal Game: Arch

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