Old Friend – New Friend

Hey guys.
Welcome back.

Have you ever had this happen to you:

When you were younger, you had a friend who was pretty much your best friend. You would hangout all the time, before life got busy. When everything was so young and innocent. Everything was simple then.

Then, the friendship started to fade, not because of a fight, or any bad blood. You just kinda quit hanging around that person. You stopped seeing them around, they found another friend group, you found yours. But, if you saw each other you would talk… it wouldn’t be the same as it used to be though.

Well, that’s what happened to one of my old friends and I. When I was 15 we would hangout all the time. We were so close. Our whole friend group was close. After awhile, we started growing apart. Growing up took us in different directions. We stopped hanging out when I was 17. It was life. It happened naturally.

Three years went by and I hardly talked to him. We still had each other on social media, still lived in the same town, still saw each other. But, we weren’t close anymore. I felt as if we were strangers in a town of 900 people. It made me sad, thinking about all the dumb things we used to do. I wished we would be friends again, but it wasn’t the right time in life.

A few weeks ago, he came back into my life. He was checking up on me, making sure I was alright after the breakup. Ever since then we have been reconnecting. We aren’t strangers anymore. It feels like I have my old friend back, but also a new friend at the same time. We’re different people, but I still see the same old idiot kid in him as well as the more mature, laid back side.

It makes me happy knowing I have him back. He was always a great friend. He gets my sense of humor and doesn’t run away from Carly and I when we get super crazy. He understands everything I go through and he’s been by my side through all of it. The late nights we stay up talking till one of us finally passes out, the days spent together with our friends being dumb, the inside jokes and all the laughs we’re able to share again. I will forever hold it in my heart. I’m blessed to have him back.

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