Lifelines: Coleen & Kodee

Hey guys!
Welcome back.

Today is another lifeline.

Coleen & Kodee.

These two people are really important to me. They’re like my second family. Infact, they are my second family. Whenever I’ve had something going on in my life they’ve always been there to help me through it. I don’t know what I would do without their constant support and love they’ve given me.

I’ve known them since I was really little. Kodee was still in his diaper days. I was still in grade school. Probably 4th grade.

They used to live pretty much right across the street from me. Everyday, Kodee and I would ride our bikes around town, or play on his swing set. I’ve watched him grow up into the smart, caring young man he is. His birthday is actually this month. Pretty soon he’ll be street legal. Honestly I’m terrified. Haha. It seems like just yesterday I was walking him up to the school to play basketball with his friends, or sitting in his living room with him drinking hot chocolate during winter break. Now I drink coffee. At night we would sit in my living room and watch Nickelodeon or Disney while our moms talked out in the kitchen.

Those were the days.

Now we play Monopoly for 8 hours straight talking mad crap to each other while eating DiGiorno pizza and downing Pepsi after Pepsi. (We take that game very seriously). 

As we grew up I started to get closer to Coleen. Now that I’m 20 we can sit there with our coffee and talk about the town drama while Kodee plays his video game and adds his two cents every once in awhile. Coleen even bleaches my hair if you’re wondering. She does a really good job at it too.

I’m so lucky to have them in my life. I don’t know what I would do without them. They’ve been there through everything. Even my awkward potato days. Anybody who was friends with me between 12 and 15 I’m sorry you had to go through any of that and if you’re still friends with me you’re the real MVP’s. They treat me like their own and I’m so thankful I have them. I can’t wait to make more memories with them. 💙

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  1. You changed your writing style and your font for this blog. Looks like as you craft grows your style is also growing as well. Very good. This was another great post. For the record, I still like potato days hair color. And don’t say I’m the only one. I know lol.

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