Storytime: The Taco & the Angry Civilian

Hey guys!
Welcome back.
It’s been awhile since I did a Storytime, and this one is a lot. So get ready for this show.

It was over the summer last year. Pretty sure it was in August. It was a pretty leisurely day. I was with Samm and one of my friends. (We’ll call him Kevin). The three of us had hungout all day at my house. Lame. Out of nowhere, we decided we wanted Taco Bell. That was our first terrible decision. My boyfriend at the time was coming over, so we waited for him and we ventured to Taco Bell.

First off, we were all being hella goofy. It was summer, we didn’t need sleep. We also have this thing were we forget to use our brains a lot. Second, we decided to meet our friend John there. Nothing good ever happens when he’s around. (John, if you’re reading this I’m sorry). 

We get to Taco Bell and everything is going good. John is being an idiot, the three of us are stuffing our faces. Well, Kevin over here decides he wants to get a 12 pack of tacos all for himself, thinking he can eat all of them. He couldn’t. This is where it started to slightly go downhill. John was sitting in his car talking to somebody on the phone, so Kevin gave me a taco and told me to go throw it at his car. I did. He wasn’t too happy with me. But, he got over it.

We’re all getting ready to leave. We got in the truck and I look at Kevin and say,
“I dare you to throw a taco at a random guy on the way back to town.”
Kevin says “okay lol”. 

Now this is where it went extremely downhill.

As we’re leaving the Taco Bell parking lot and pulling out onto the road, Kevin rolls down the window and whips a taco at a random guy in a Camaro. This guy is furious. He whips his shit around in 2.5 seconds and is on our ass.

Samm, Kevin and I are screaming, thinking we’re about to get shot up. We’re screaming at my ex, telling him to drive faster. He wasn’t having it. He pulled into a parking lot and said, “no, you’re going to apologize”. So now we’re all freaking out thinking we’re gonna die.

This guy in the Camaro pulls up behind us. I started praying and hoping my idiot self is going to heaven. The guy and his baby mama get out of the car and start treading ass over to us looking LIVID. 

Kevin rolls his window down and says, “Hey man that was an accident, my bad.”
The drug dealer looking dude says, “Oh, you’re good.” He turns around and starts walking back to his Camaro. He stops, looks back at us and says, “nice truck by the way”. He got in his Camaro and drove away while we’re sitting there shook as hell.

The sentence “what the fuck” was said a lot that night. A lot of our friends still don’t even believe that it happened.
We got away with purposely throwing a taco at a drug dealer with his baby mama and his Camaro. WHAT THE FUCK RICHARD. 

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