Lifelines: My Parents

Hey guys!
Welcome back.

For today’s lifeline, it’s none other than my parents.

I actually have a pretty good relationship with my parents. They’re like my best friends. I can tell them anything. Plus, they’re really cool. Sometimes. I mean, they’re still letting me freeload so they’re pretty bomb. They learned to always keep the fridge stocked with pizza rolls… yet my dad can’t seem to remember that I HATE BUTTER. 

They’ve managed to raise me for 20 years. I don’t know how they were able to do that. I’m an overdramatic, spoiled, queen. Daddy’s princess. Mommy’s “angel”. My mom thinks I’m a spawn of Satan. She’s probably not wrong.

Now, here’s a little back story. My mom was previously married before she met my dad. She had two kids, my brother and sister. Then she got divorced and married my dad and had me. I’m my mom’s third child and my dad’s first. So, my mom doesn’t really care what I do. I’m the most well behaved out of the three of us. She knows I won’t do anything too stupid. My dad on the other hand, I’m his baby so he’s a little more protective. Since I’m 20 he’s tried to lighten up, but I can tell it’s just because he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to me. That’s why I am the way I am. A princess.

After 17 years of me asking, they finally let me get a cat. Now my dad has spoiled him more than me haha. My mom is my gossip buddy. Every morning we sit in the kitchen together and talk about all the drama around town. We watch E New’s together all the time. (Did you know that NEWS stands for Notable Events Weather & Sports? I didn’t until last month. Pissed.) 

The three of us get along pretty well. They’ve learned how to handle my sarcasm, jokes about drugs and my bad, overdramatic attitude every time I stub my toe. I’m blessed to have the parents I do and I’m so happy to have such a great relationship with them.

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  1. Awe this is so sweet reminds me a lot of living with my grandparents. Since I was raised by them I have such a good relationship with both just like that its awesome ❤️️

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